Survivor Round Table: "This is Going to Hurt"

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We spent the majority of our review going over the follies of Jane and who are the favorites to walk away as the sole survivor on Sunday.  But there's still plenty more to talk about from last night.  Did Dan and Jud mess up by not voting with Jane?  What was Probst doing interfering with the game at tribal council?

As always, we like to hear our readers opinions too.

Should Dan and Jud have tried to vote with Jane?

Kyle Kalember: As it turns out no.  Jane just threw a vote to Sash and it would never have worked.  I think the only play either of them had was to vote for Jane.  Dan might need to scramble more than Fabio does.  Fabio can actually win immunity, but Dan won't.

Survivor RT

Dan Forcella: Yes! Not only are they too dumb to even come up with this as an idea, but once Probst blatantly tells them it would be a good move, they are too dumb to use it!  Do they really think they're going to break the trio of Sash, Chase and Holly another way?

Luke Dwyer: By voting Jane out before Dan that tells you that Dan is going to the finals.  That means one of Chase, Sash or Holly are not going.  If Jud wins immunity, that means only one of them is going to the final.  Neither of them really need Jane to accomplish that, but keeping her around risks her being that one person and neither of them winning.

Was Jeff's interference at tribal council warranted?

Kyle: I personally like when Jeff gets involved.  Chase hasn't really been using his head for most of this game and some of Jeff's questions made the tribal council more interesting and at least more in doubt.  Its never fun when you know 100% who is going home.

Dan: Of course not! Is it ever? This is something he's been doing more and more recently.  Why doesn't he just let the players play the game?  I thought he was the host...not the mentor.

Jeff Urges On the Survivors

Luke: As a competitor I would be furious with having the host meddle with the game.  As a viewer, I absolutely loved it because it made things more interesting.  I assure you Jeff knew he was meddling, but also knew he was making the viewing experience better.  He's a smart guy, knows this has not been a great season and will do anything he can to keep his audience.

Put yourself in the shoes of a parent and explain how you'd discipline Jane's temper tantrum.

Kyle: Jane is too old and set in her ways to change.  I really haven't liked her from the start.  I have always thought her feud with Marty was primarily of her own making.  I also have no tolerance for people that don't understand that this is a game and outwit is part of the game.  The object is to win a million dollars and lying and backstabbing is part of the game.  Deal with it and stop being such an annoying spoiled child.

Dan: If I'm Jane's parent, I would disown her.  Not for throwing a temper tantrum, but for why she did.  This is Survivor lady!  People are going to turn their back on you.  If you didn't know that was a good possibility coming into this game, then you were severely misled.  If you get on the outs with your so-called alliance - one in which Sash just recently sneaked his way into - then find another way to survive.  Don't go crying and screaming about how people shouldn't backstab in Survivor.  That's insane.

Luke: Jane's performance reeks of a young child who didn't get their way.  The way you deal with that as a parent is to make sure you do not give in to the child.  Children have to learn that you can't always get what you want.  If you want to add a lesson in there as well, teach Jane to that if she can not change a situation, change her attitude about that situation.  If she remained positive, she might have found a way to stay in the game.

Who would you take with you to the final three?

Kyle: I would definitely take Chase and Fabio.  Chase especially would get killed in the questioning and I don't think Fabio would do well enough to win him votes.  The title has absolutely been lost because people just aren't prepared to handle those questions and play to the jury.

Holly's Shocked

Dan: Dan, of course.  He has done nothing in this game.  After that it is a tougher call. I'd think about Sash because he's made plenty of enemies, but then you have to wonder if the jury will vote for him because he's the only one making any strategic moves out there.  It all depends on how this specific jury thinks.  

Luke: No one is voting for Dan and outside of NaOnka, who's voting for Chase?  Sash has played a strong game.  Holly and Jud have plenty of friends.  They are actual competition.  Plus, if you put Jud on the jury, that's another person who won't vote for Chase.

Give us your prediction for Sunday's winner.

Kyle: Even though its looking less likely that she will, I'll stick with Holly.

Dan: I predict Holly as the winner.  We have had a bit of a run of "nice guys" taking home the championship so I don't see Sash winning this at the end.  Since stealing those shoes, Holly has been nice to everyone - except for in Jane's mind.  I'm still holding out hope that Fabio wins a couple of challenges and then gets a bunch of votes for seemingly like a complete idiot.

Luke: My sentimental favorite is still Dan because he is the opposite of Jane.  While Jane's daughter should be embarrassed by her mom, Dan's sons can be very proud (well, expect for one's sexual assault of his father on national television).  However, Dan has no chance.  So I'll go with Sash after he convinces Chase to eliminate Holly before and take Dan to the final three.

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