Nikita Review: "Dark Matter"

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While “Dark Matter” wasn’t my all-time favorite episode of Nikita, we definitely saw another side of Percy on it.

And it was a side far worse than we could have imagined.

In Chile

Elsewhere, if Michael shooting full force at Nikita and company wasn’t proof that he's fully against her, I’m not sure what could be.

I can feel the chemistry between Owen and Nikita, so I’m pretty sure he's the love interest that's been rumored for her. Their chemistry doesn’t even rival her and Michaels, but it’s there.

Jaden is a really irritating character, and I would love if she would serve her purpose every episode like she did last episode: as Alex’s blackmail subject. During this hour, she just made it that much harder for Alex to get to the Engineer and out from her escape hatch.

Not that I don’t already expect chuckles when it comes to Birkhoff, but to see him playing video games with the Engineer instead of encrypting files for Percy was hilarious. The fact that he’s a sore loser made it that much more comical. Unfortunately for Birkhoff, he’s now been promoted by Percy after watching him kill the Engineer. I’m worried for Birkhoff.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Fletcher will be able to get that Division proof out in the open, as it will serve as a major stepping stone in bringing down Division.

What did you think TV Fanatics? Are you open to a romance between Nikowen, or are you staying on team Mikita?


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Jamie, just like you couldn't see the sizzling chemistry between Owen and Nikita. I couldn't fall completely for Michael and Nikita either. At least, not in season 1 where he's constantly out to hunt/kill her. I liked Michael more in Season 2 but Owen and Ryan have already captured my heart in Season 1. ha! Different perspective, different opinion. I guess.


tati, I see great friendship chemistry between Nikita and Own. But, nothing more. That's really not me being bias either, because I tried to see what the Nikita/Owen shippers do. And, I just couldn't. I could deal with it if they went down the Nikita/Owen road, but I'd just prefer not to be subjected to that. I do think it would be better than bringing this Ryan character in though and it would make a hell of a lot more sense. Dot, I partially agree with you. I think Michael actually kind of helped too, but I do not like the idea of Nikita/Owen. I just do not see it and I think it would ruin their great partnership they have going on. Sarah, that's my problem with the Nikita/Owen thing too. I just don't see her being able to hook up with the man who killed Daniel. It would be out of character for her in my opinion. I don't think Michael is against Nikita, either. As for him being mad at her, he was blinded by rage because he was so desperate to kill Kasim. When he's thinking more clearly, I think he'll realize Nikita did the right thing and understand why she 'betrayed' him to save his life. rosemary987, same here. I think Owen is a great character, but I could never ship him with Nikita. Sorry - no can do. Summer, exactly. There have been so many instances where Michael has had the chance to take down Nikita and he's let her go. I do not think he's completely against her whatsoever, but I do think he's struggling with that.


Elsewhere, if Michael shooting full force at Nikita and company wasn’t proof that he's fully against her, I’m not sure what could be. See there's been so much proof in other episodes proving he isn't completely against her. Like when he let her go in the first episode, and when he helped her get Victor Han in episode 4.


i'm 100% Mikita. i like owen, but not with nikita.


man, I love mikita.
I like owen too but I don't see how nikita could be with the person who killed Daniel. Even if it was under orders, its still there. :/
Percy is ruthless, I don't know why everyone said this was a different side to percy? how is this different? its what he does. I don't know why people are surprised.
Jaden needs to jump off a plane. and I honestly think that Michael isn't against Nikita; he's just showing that he is. But maybe thats just wishful thinking. another thing I don't get is him being mad at Nikita. She basically saved his life and if he thinks rationally about it, he'll realize he's being an idiot. When Percy stopped him from killing himself, he thinks he 'owes' him, but when Nikita stops him from doing something stupid, he turns against her.
....that man needs to reevaluate his priorities. :P

Whipped by damon

I am all for Nikita and Owen, especially since that means that we see more of Devon hot! Although his teeth seemed really odd in this ep. like he had a mouth guard on half the time! But solid ep. and a step forward in the black box mission!

Saad khan

I loved everything about this though I did miss Ashton Holmes.
Nikita & Owen are great together, they have the humor, the action and the Hotness.
Hope Owen will return neXt episode too... Love NIKITA :-)


Maybe I'm wrong, but I think Michael actually tried to help Nikita. Owen wanted to blow up the truck to creat a diversion and that's exactly what Michael did. He didn't blow the car where Nikita was hiding. Also, I like Owen with Nikita much better than Michael.


Wow, I let that post go before finishing it LOL "...--having Owen as the catalyst for opening Michael's eyes to what he's doing and how much he loves Nikita will be a good trade-off." It dawned on me that the actress that plays Jaden also plays Cam's 'daughter' on Bones! I do think I like Fletcher being on Nikita's team, even if he's in the background. I wonder if that makes him a recurring character now?


I don't think that side of Percy was unknown to us. Anyone who runs an organization like the one he does, has the proven ability to cover his own a$$ in whatever way necessary. Reluctantly, I also noted the chemistry between Nikita and Owen. While I was pulling for her and Michael--and I believe that will happen at some point down the road--having Owen as the catalyst for opening Michael's eyes to what he's doing.

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