Nikita Review: "All the Way"

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It took me longer than usual to sum up this episode of Nikita in a single sentence. After all, the cute beginning of an Alex fashion show was very deceiving, as this turned out to be one of the darkest episodes yet of the drama.

Overall, “All the Way” was jam-packed with action, suspense, fatalities and superb acting.

Captured by Division

Lyndsy Fonseca really stood out, convincingly saluting to Percy and promising her loyalty to Division. Alex has now killed Thom, an act I never would have seen coming from her, considering she spent the whole hour holding back on her mission, unable to shoot the target.

Thom killed Alex’s target, with tears in his eyes, after explaining to Alex that “with every kill, they never die. You see their face everyday.” As Thom lay dying, and repeated those words to Alex, my heart broke. I also didn’t expect Alex to frame Thom for the bombs that she planted, but it was a brilliant way to keep herself alive.

Even though Alex is now an agent (a very well respected one for capturing both Nikita and killing Thom, the supposed mole) and will be living out of Division quarters, you could see in Michael's eyes that he knows she is connected with Nikita.

I wonder if that will have him keeping his eye on her more so than he would otherwise. I also found it heartwarming how Michael told Alex to say that her gun jammed, rather than the truth: that she couldn’t kill the target.

After the bombs Alex planted helped free Nikita, we saw Amanda actually flee a room. Amanda isn’t afraid of anyone - except Nikita, apparently. On her way out of the escape hatch, we got a brief moment between Nikita and Michael. The pain in Nikita’s eyes conveyed so much emotion. The Division escape hatch is now sealed. Good thing Alex is working out of Division and won’t need the hatch or the shell program that she used to chat with Nikita.

The flashbacks between Nikita and Alex were great, and provided some information behind how the setup in the series premiere was arranged.

A few afterthoughts:

  • Where the heck was Owen this week?
  • Did Alex mean to kill, or even shoot, Thom? Or was it just something that just happened during their struggle?

So, TV Fanatics, were your jaws on the floor by the end of this episode? Are you excited to see Nikita working with Alex outside, or are you still mourning Thom’s death? Sound off now on a fantastic midseason finale!


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OMG that was the best episode so far.Cant wait for next Jan.I cried so much when Thom died.I loved Alex in this episode.The scene where Nikita Broke free from the chains was class and loved the moment between her and michael.I love how Nikita looks out for Alex so much and visa versa.I give this episode 5/5 stars.Loved the episode.

Whipped by damon

Wow, just wow! My jaw hit the floor with a thud when the gun went off and Thom was killed! I'm gonna miss him, he was a nice foil for Alex but it was a brilliant plot point and the scene where Nikita breaks her shackles is nothing short of amazing! Five star episode!


I was obsessed by Michael / Nikita, unfortunately in recent episodes have changed my mind. I'm 50 years old, and I love a thousand times rather see Alex with Michael than with Nikita. Nikita talked ever so painfully in the death of her fiance, and suddenly has a partnership with the man who killed her fiance. lol She had Daniel, Now Nikita wants Michael? Interesting, because in the promo for next epis. on Jan. 27 Nikita kisses Ryan on the mouth, and maybe even become involved sexually with him. So I dont know what is more indecent. Michael will be with Alex ,or Nikita is involved with several partners? Of Course Michael and Alex has much more decent and cute!
These new love interests for Alex and Nikita in future episodes will seriously ruining a TV-SHOW that was supposed to be good. Another Gossip Girl? Disgusting...


Thom being shot was definitely an accident, and Nikita's words to Alex about Division still looking for a mole was a reminder to Alex that she had the opportunity to take any suspicion off herself by fingering Thom since he was dying/dead at that point. We see where Nikita's soft spots are--anything to do with Daniel. Amanda fears Nikita, though, and rightly so, after that emotional torture session. I'm not so sure Michael knows but he's certainly thinking. I keep waiting for Alex to give him some kind of canned response when questioned; one that he's heard before--from Nikita. That will pretty much cement his suspicions.


Great episode! I'm so sure Michael knows that Alex is somehow involved with Nikita. I believe he now is becoming attached to Alex the way he was attached to Nikita when she was a recruit so he can't call her out on it until he's absolutely sure. I also do not think Alex meant to shoot Thom. She really liked him and he helped her with her target. My question is how closely are the agents watched once they are out on assignment? Will it be a lot easier for Alex and Nikita to stay in contact now that she is out or will their always be someone looking over Alex's shoulder? I love this show and can't wait till January!


As much as I loved this episode.. someone PLEASE tell me that Thom dyeing was actually a sick joke and I'm dreaming. PLEASE. They can't kill Thom... he's one of my favourites. BRB while I go cry some more..


I begin to seriously love this show. Go Nikita!


Amazing episode! Loved how Nikita broke herself free Hulk-style and how Amanda screamed and ran. Too bad about Thom. He and Alex were really cute together.


OMG. did they seriously have to kill thom?!?!?! like alskdalksjhglkajhfg. i keep telling myself that he's not really dead and it was staged or something. oh my god. thom and alex were like the reason i watched the show. and now i am pissed. but other than that was such a good episode!!!
but, seriously. BRING BACK THOMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!


Hi, I just need to say something:
Ok, that's it. Side-note: I would give 10 stars to this episode, but that¿s not possible, so I gave it 5.

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