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Watch the film, "Brother of the Wolf," hopefully you'll see that Dacascos has far more to offer than "the Chairman".


Best ep of the season!!


When Wo Fat asks Hess if Steve knows about the whole deal, Hess says he knows too much or whatever - how does he know that Steve knows anything? He doesn't know much in any case. All he has is what his dad put in the tool box, which will probably be destroyed or taken - otherwise why have Mary Ann take photos of it?


It is hard to take Wo Fat seriously when you are expecting him to say "A la Cusine or the secret ingredient is" at any moment. Besides, his demeanor is not that of a master villian. We need Keigh Deigh - the original Wo Fat type character. Mark even had that Iron Chef America Chairman facial expresion.


Great! Great! eppie loved it!!

I'm totally in love of Alex/Steve what a great actor!

I'm afraid what will happen to Steve when the governor find out he stole $ How will they ever get so much money back!!

I loved the scene When Kono and Chin Ho said Aloha to each other

Danny tried to stay calm and keep Steve calm and how adorable was he as Santa with his little girl

Wish they killed Hess and I'm not like that Wo Fat already I guess he will give 5 O much trouble in the future

Can't wait till the next eppie and I hope we get a next season this how rocks!!

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