Gossip Girl Spoilers: The Return of Ben

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When we last left Gossip Girl, Juliet peaced out of the Upper East Side after Serena let her off the hook. As far as we can tell, that was it for Katie Cassidy on the show.

As for Juliet's incarcerated brother Ben, however?

According to E! Online, there's definitely more to Ben's story, as he'll be sticking around longer. What do you think will happen between Serena and her former teacher?

Ben and Serena

It took awhile, but we finally know why Ben had it out for Serena. The question is where we go from here, and whether she will help right a wrong she never knew existed.

While Serena was far from innocent, "The Townie" revealed that it was Lily who truly set Ben up for his life-altering fall. Will he be redeemed when Gossip Girl returns?

As always, your comments and theories are welcomed.

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Seriously?! I still working thru the disappointment of the Juliet storyline. I really don't care what the deal is with Ben. Although with the return of Serena's Dad, I agree with PennyB - they'll probably end up being brother & sister.


I say give them a chance, they look cute together ;)
Plus it would give Dan & Blair a chance.


Ugh Ben... can he just be gone already? The storyline is almost over. I want derena!


even though i am a nate and serena fan, i dont mind ben and serena together.. reckon they will make an alright couple, cuase he was the reason that serena changed into a good non slut girl haha. i would like to see them try with this couple :)


im actually up for benrena ;)
ben and serena seem like a good match.
ben seems like a dude who has a lot of respect for her and is more mature to understan dserena. as opposed to dan, ben doesnt have too much drama as a good male model for serena, which bring us to her daddy issues. serena just needs a male figure she can depend on and based on how the their past was told (so far), ben had a great understanding of serena


i do love Ben, i do lve the way he looks serena,oowwwh.....
Dan + Blair?!...yay!can't wait any longer


My theory:
Chuck is blackmailing Lily about the fake affidavit, and yes, she could go to jail for that.
That's why Serena is helping Chuck, she needs him to clear Ben, and he needs her to blackmail Lily. Simple. Now... let's hope Blan(d) doesn't happen (Blair + Dan = Blan(d))


@LittleAngel, I don't think so. Blake is far more appealing than Katie. Don't like to believe me? She wasn't able to save the rating of Melrose Place. I like Katie but come on. Gossip Girl won't be Gossip Girl without Blake or Leighton in it.


It doesn't matter if she is gonna hookup with this dude. It's obviously a ploy to do db because there is no other reason for them to hookup. Serena will get mad blah blah, all of this is just ploy to extend the official ds reunion to the finale. LMAO.


Please bring back Katie Cassidy. Juliet rocks.

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