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DAIR so adorable,,, i love it... funny & from different character,,,, their relationship makes me curios!!


''Goodbye friends..and dan''

and i am all for dair, but i dont want them to have a sexual relationship.. :P


Blair and Dan? Of course. Bring it on !! Did anyone notice how Dan and Blair "match" now? Like Chuck and Blair used to? Dan's gray jacket matched Blair's black, white and gray checkered coat. Dan's red plaid shirt in the dish-washing scene "matched" Blair's red tweed dress. HOW CUTE IS THAT??

I've always thought Dan and Blair have great chemistry together. They made me laugh out loud and now, hopefully they'll have more to offer. Writers, PLEASE let Dan and Blair go further. This is an intelligent, intellectual, sweet sympathetic match and will make for great entertainment. Oddball or at odds, I think they go very, very well together.

And if Chuck gets jealous, all the better. Dan has the depth of character and intergrity to be a "threat" to Mr. Bass for our lovely Queen B, whether he means to or not. Go for it fabulous writers!!


OMG! Dan and Blair were fantastic. I think they'll, at the most, kiss and vow to never speak of it again. At best, I think they'll end up as kinda-sorta-friends, but their friendship will definitely be based on funny banter and jabs on both sides :)


its a torture for making us wait 2 months for the next episode!!!!!! dan and Blair are sooooo cute, but not as a couple, as enemies!!!!


love wat chuck said at the end " happy holidays friends ... Dan" that cracked me up so hard, lily went too far with the whole bass industries thing I hope Jack cum bck and take that bitch down poor Rufus every1 around him just turns out to be selfish and manipulative, love Dan and Blair as friends nothing more nothing less, if they hookup it would just be add to the already long list of bed hopping that already taking place over the years between the gang,I just want the writer to have some lines that they don't cross ie chuck and serena will neva hookup that one that should neva happen plz same with dan and blair.


loved this ep.
good few funny quotes loved seeing damien as a geek.
loved chucks 'bye friends..dan'
felt so sorry for ben, hope he gets out he seemed so nice
im a huge derena and chair fan and thats the way i want the show to end.. but i would like to see dan & blair, just to see what they'd be liek together. love their scenes together but it would be weird to see them romantically but still want to see it

and last so disappointed with lily, i know she's like a compulsive liar and loads of people hate her but i actually love her. it was the chuck thing that really got me.


I've talked this episode out to so many people already, so I'm not going to get into it again currently, but I do have to say - DB are absolutely hysterical, but as a couple? Please God NO. And, personally, I think it's stupid for Chuck to get Jack for help. I mean, yeah, it might get the Bass business back initially, but he'd never have it again once it's in his uncle's clutches.


As has been posted SO often on this site: Chuck and Blair are end-game. That's not opinion--it's fact. The writers have said so.

Whatever happens with Dan and Blair will be a growing experience for both of them, but it won't be permanent, so--no worries.


Honestly, The Townie wasn't what i expected. The episode before townie ended with Blair saying that Juliette is going down so I really wanted that Blair let the bitch inside of her out( of course with Chuck helping her :P )

Other thing that I REALLY don't understand is how Blair and Dan couldn't get into the Ostroff center and Juliette did??!! WTF

Now let's talk about Blair and Dan, first of all if they really should be together pleaseeeee let it not be serious, Blair and Chuck are like LEGENDARY characters and they just have to be together, of course there has to be drama but, but CHAIR 4 EVER

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