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I want NAIR back lol wow Lily being an evil stepmum I so look forward to it


1.so long friends and dan, could we get any better?
2.ostroff security wouldnt let blair and dan in but let juliet in when serena wasnt even there?
3.i think it was rather nice for serena to do so and mature as well! odd like serena to do that but yeah!
4.hmmmmm i dont know it will be interesting!
5.not as a couple never ever ever!!!! but as friends that was hilarious imma totally get behind that!


5. Blair and Dan: Should they get it on?!?!


DANdy: Her eyeballs in uselessness!


I am not "daring to dair" anytime soon. yes they are good friends and yes i am arguably the biggest chair fan ever, but dair fans you have to accept reality. they are two separate people first off. secondly, wouldn't it be really awkward for serena and dan? and i think (not really sure...) they're dating. i don't think practical blair would do that after the "nate situation".

and DANdy...i love you =D


I absolutely adored this week's episode. I liked the hunt for Juliet, Blair being her wonderful witty/caring/loyal self, the DB banter, Serena facing up her problems, Dan and his complexes haha, Damien! (I want to see more of him in future eps), finally FINALLY finding out the deal between Ben and Serena, AND Lily being outed for being such an absolutely horrid mother/stepmother.

@pointer - Vanessa has been useless since the beginning and NOTHING can be done to make her well-liked. Also Nate is not useless, his story was just not yet integrated in the main story but it will be soon.


lol just after reading the round table i noticed vanessa wasn't in this episode... no wonder it was sooooo good!


Why all the anti-Vanessa comments? Haven't you guys noticed that Nate has become just as useless?


I LOVE that Dan and Nate actually dress like eachother. Dan in peacoats and Nate in plaid!


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from last night?
Chuck: "So long friends, Dan".

2. Which is looser, Lily's morals or Ostroff Center security?
I don't understand why Lily suddenly became such a horrible person. A little concealing and lying, sure. But at this level, with such immoral repercussion? It's a weird, unrealistic twist.

3. Was Serena right to let Juliet off the hook?
No, that's just weird too.

4. Will Jack help Chuck save Bass Industries?
Not without a price, obviously.

5. Blair and Dan?
Yes, yes, a thousand yesses. They are absolutely adorable as a couple. Dan is everything she needs post-Chuck, and Blair will utterly discombobulate his universe, in a good way for a change.

BONUS: What do you think Vanessa was up to this week?
Don't know, don't CARE!

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