Gossip Girl Caption Contest 135

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Welcome to the 135th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

This week's Caption Contest winner is Brazilian Girl. Nice work!

Honorable mentions go out to Meeny, Scarlett 79, TheYalier and The Bitch is back. Thanks to everyone for playing each week and best of luck again next week!

Nate to the Party

Serena: That Vanessa bitch! She will pay for it!
Nate: C'mon Serena, you can't be mad at Vanessa for ever just because she spread a rumor about you having an STD... and seriously, it's not like it never crossed our minds!
Serena: Rumor? STD? Who cares?! The bitch beat me at Guitar Hero!!

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S: the bitch took my last piece of chocolate cake I hope she chokes and dies on that cake
N: ohhhkay, well I'm going to stand her and act like you never said that


S: huh, I thought I showed the most cleavage in the history of shows! So who is that?!
N: Hmmm I really should remember, but maybe my man bangs always get in the way!!


Serena: "I can't believe you're asking me to do this..."
Nate: "Come on Serena, please?"
Serena: "Nate this is absurd! Chuck and Blair were the ones that got jealous of our sex life and now after some hate sex you want us to start chasing and competing with them?"
Nate: "..."
Serena: "Nate, don't you think it's a little childish of us?"
Nate: "I'll tell you what shampoo I use..."
Serena: "...Meet me in my bedroom in 5"


Blake: Can't believe they won't let me go, Hollywood needs me!
Chace: I'm sure they'd be lost without you.


Blake: Can't believe they won't let me go, Hollywood needs me!
Chace: Sure, where would they find another dumb blonde?


Serena: omg Nate look at Blairs hair. How does she get it that perfect??
Nate: omg I know but better than that look at chuck! He looks beautiful I think I'm in love. Too bad he already has blair


Stop please ,you're not funny !


Thanks @TheYalier ;)


Serena: They say two brains are better than one.
Nate: Which would help if we had any. Lets face it, we're just too beautiful for brains.
Serena: I know, Right? Lets leave the brain work for Blair. *back to humming if I was a rich girl*


Nate: " You know, I could totally pull off that dress" Serena:....thinking......

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