Coming Tonight on Survivor: A Game-Changing First!

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Survivor never lacks for drama, but host Jeff Probst says fans will have a lot to talk about after this evening's episode. A rare Survivor first awaits in Nicaragua.

"What goes down has never happened before," Probst says. "It is an absolute game-changer because the alliances that were firmly in place are no longer in place."

"It sets the stage for a great finish because it truly is anybody's game at this point."

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A SURVIVOR FIRST? Let the speculation begin.

Over 20 seasons, Probst has seen it all, from evacuations (Mike Skupin) to romances (Rob and Amber), but the events airing tonight left him shaking his head.

He sums up these controversial events in an interesting way.

"Survivor fans will be completely shocked," Probst says. "Then after a moment of reflection, not shocked at all. Then after another moment, really annoyed!"

But in the end, he thinks we'll view it positively: "Finally, when it's all done and they're getting ready to go to bed, they will say, 'Wow, this totally changed the game, and now, I really can't wait to see what happens and who makes it to the finale.'"

"It will touch all kinds of emotions. If you are a Survivor fan this season, tonight's episode will absolutely on one hand thrill you and on the other hand, it will frustrate you."

"Either way you will be excited for how this game is going to finish."

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