Weeds Review: "Fran Tarkenton"

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With only one more episode left of the season, this was a very exciting week for Weeds!

Lately, I've found myself yearning for the glory days when Nancy just sold pot to her suburban neighbors. But this week provided everything I love about this show.

Kevin Nealon as Doug

Throughout the entire half hour of "Fran Tarkenton", I got that sickening feeling that everything will not be okay.

This is Nancy, for goodness sake. One constant throughout the seasons that have gone by would be her ability to mess up everything in her life and not even acknowledge that she is the problem. 

During the episode, Nancy tries to lie to the reporter about her reasons for running away, but this guy is good. He nails it saying that he believes Shane killed Pillar. Does she tell him the truth? Doubtful, but she does eventually sit down and go on record for the cash. 

I was pretty surprised that Nancy wouldn't be a bit more fearful about being caught. This guy's just a reporter. Did she really believe that the FBI and Esteban wouldn't be able to track her down at some point?

Now that Esteban is back, what will Nancy do? How do you think she (and her family) will get out alive?

The one person I've felt bad for throughout this season would be Silas. From the season six premiere, he's been reluctant to continue on their maddening journey. All he's ever wanted was a normal life.

It's a good thing Silas stayed on because he finally found out the truth: that Lars is his biological father. The way he told Nancy, though, was really weird. Silas just hugged her and gave her the results. This scene reminded me of a soap opera, not Weeds.

We don't even know if Nancy knew the truth. Did Judah know that Silas wasn't his son? All we got was a scene with her crying. Blah!

Now that Silas has a second lease on life, do you think Lars will be the pops Silas always yearned for? Something tells me that things are too good to be true. Silas can't just go off and live another life without Nancy. A Weeds with no Silas? What kind of Weeds would that be?

Warren is still living in the imaginary world he's created for himself and Nancy. This guy gives creeper a whole new definition. I was certain that the locked room would have a bunch of mementos from his past with Nancy. To my surprise, it was a room full of undelivered mail.

Also, is Warren just an idiot? He robbed the post office and thought that he would be able to get away with it? This guy didn't even wear a mask! Oh Warren, what will we do with you?

Andy tried, and failed, to get the passports the murderous way. Who else knew that Andy's trick wouldn't work? It was pretty gruesome to hear the mortician chop off the penis...even if it was a dead guy's.

Until next week's season finale, here are a few of my favorite Weeds quotes from tonight:

Doug: (to Dana) Are you as turned on as I am right now. | permalink
Nancy: (to the reporter) I really am sorry about your camera. That was mean. I guess you were right about your word cloud. | permalink
Shane: (to Silas) Want to join? We are stealing Christmas card money from the past. | permalink
Lars: So have you talked to your mom?
Silas: If you need her, you can't find her.
Lars: Yeah she was always hard to pin down. Except that one time. Bad joke, sorry. | permalink
Silas: My whole childhood is a lie. | permalink

Fran Tarkenton Review

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Weeds Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Lars: So have you talked to your mom?
Silas: If you need her, you can't find her.
Lars: Yeah she was always hard to pin down. Except that one time. Bad joke, sorry.

(to Andy) Enjoy that cock.