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In "The Vampire Diaries" it just takes a stake through the heart to kill the average vampire. HOWEVER, [spoiler] as it is in the books, there is only one type of wood that can kill an Original (I forget what kind, but it can be found in Book 4 of the original series). Because Stefan and Damon don't have much experience with extremely old vampires, they wouldn't know that. However, my problem arises with the problem that they left Elijah's body for anyone to find (had he died). I know that, in the books, if a vampire is killed by the sun and is extremely old he/she will turn into dust, but there's no reason to believe its the same case if killed by stake. Or if it's the same in the TV series.


I really want Caroline/Tyler since the show seems to have no intention of making Bonnie/Damon happen


I really enjoyed this episode up until Elijah was shown left staked to the wall coming back to life. Doesn't Stefan and Damon know how to kill their own kind? Maybe they needed Dean & Sam Winchester from Supernatural to help them out.

Even I know that the only way to kill a vampire is to cut the head off or burn it! Not to mention, that any other vampire could have come across him and pulled the stake out!

After I saw that, I was so mad, I didn't want to watch anymore. I probably will watch to see if there is an explanation for this stupidity.

If anyone knows why the writers did this, I would be interested in knowing.


-i love caroline & tyler together.
-damon and elena need to get together.
-rose is going to be around for awhile??? noooo, u just runied my day, i hate her, everything about her, she's so annoying and just an alice cullen imitator. and the accent? totally fake sounding.


I loved this episode,can't wait for next weeks episode. We all new that Damon loved Elana but it really pulled at the heart strings when he told her, she really brings out the best in Damon but she loves Stefan poor Damon. Klaus in the books is completely insane so its gonna be an interesting ride can't wait.


I think Rose and the other guy that got killed looked like Alice and Jasper from Twilight. What do u guys think?

Great episode. Liked the previous episode better when they put Katherine on the tomb.

I agree with Bonnie cast whatever spell is most appropriate for a given situation. That's a really easy way out for the writers. seriously.


I love everything about TVD....Elena n damon definately need to be 2gether....


I don't think I've ever seen a more heartbreaking scene in a T.V show than the one between Damon and Elena! This episode of Vampire Diaries was indeed one of the best. A lot of action, drama and of course romance blossoming between Bonnie and Jeremy and if I'm not mistaken, Caroline and Tyler.

Some of the comments above, about Elena's pupils not changing, I saw that to! I hope it didn't work. Elena NEEDS to know how Damon really feels about her.

As well as this, Elijah??? How did he just come back to life after being staked. He must be one special vamp!!

I hear Rose is going to be a recurring character, and I can't say I mind. She seems feisty. Possible love interest for Damon?


I loved it.. it was fast paced and Damon-Stephen and Elena dynamics never disappoints... From first season till now I love that in the end of each episode they leave a really good cliffhanger and that makes your tune in next time for sure... Trust me i miss Katherine tonight... Nina Dubrav proved with Katherine that she is far more talented she she looked in beginning (when the show started, actually didn't found her that good in first couple of episode in first season).
I loved Caroline and tyler's dynamics.. that would be Awesome if they start to Romance ... wow it will be like Underworld mixes up with the Vampire diaries... Bonnie and Jeremy surely will start dating.. they don't have much role besides the sidekicks!
I really want some Hot Hot Hot Girl for Damon... its just sad to see him suffer like that from last like more than 15o years looking for love or some one show loves him.. its just sad.. even by writing this my Heart sinks for him.


I just rewatched a few scenes - including the 'I love you' part - and noticed something.
The moment you see Damons eye, when he compells Elena, there's a tear. Like, an actual tear. Did anyone else see that too?

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