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And there is already another show on CW that tears couples apart that fast: 90210


The show has some merit, but Vanessa and Red are really the only reason I watch. The love triangle is cliche plot-wise, but the chemistry is really well acted.


I really like Red and at the same time I don't want Vanessa and Derrick to break up! It's confusing me, that and the fact that I am also completely torn with the whole Marti/Dan/Savannah triangle!


I think the irony would be complete to discover that Charlotte's Baby-Daddy is Savannah's Ex. - the one that their Mama likes, who's name escapes me at the moment. I'm sure the subject will come up again, and soon.


I would expect nothing less than wonderful choreography in an episode directed by Debbie Allen. It was also great to see one of the "grown ups" on the show dancing. Derrick was great. I can't believe that you didn't even mention the scenes with Julian in your review. I have to admit one of the reasons I started watching this show was that I heard Gale Harold would be on and I was about to give up hope but he was fully involved in last night's episode and his character was fleshed out a little more. Overall, I enjoyed this episode a great deal.


I am in love with Vanessa and Red and also Jake and Alice. They have the chemistry on the show to me. If they do bring back up that pregnancy story, I hope Savannah moms find a ultrasound and immediately think of it to be Savannahs. That would be drama right there.


In my opinion Savannah and Dan were over too quickly. What is the point of putting two characters together just to rip them apart so quickly in the first part of the first season. I am sure or at least I hope there is a perfectly good explanation of all this. Oh and please do not put Dan and Marti back together. That would be bad for the show on many levels (again in my opinion.)

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