Gossip Girl Sneak Preview: "The Townie"

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As Chuck notes in the first promo for next week's Gossip Girl, shared enemies make for unlikely friends. In this new clip from "The Townie," we see Dair recruit such a figure.

It's Damien, Jenny's dealer/boyfriend from last season, and unlike some of the convoluted plots the show has used to bring back Georgina, this actually kind of makes sense!

Kevin Zegers' character is in the suburbs, doing his (shady) thing, when Dan and Blair find him. They tell him what Juliet did and how he might have been involved indirectly ...

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Dan and Blair are really loads of fun, but I really hope the writers don't ruin their relationship by making it something more than it is. I like them working together to help Serena just as they had before--they have good repartee,. And how nice to have Damien back, at least for a little bit.

Saad khan

Agreee with All of you Damien looks Damn Hot...
Love Blair/Dan ... they seems like two intellectuals on Hunt :P

Uche bass

i LOVE blair!!!


I love Dair as friends. "She's been living in Hudson."
"I banished her."
"It's been for the best..." Absolutely love it.


OMG. My three favorite gg characters all in one scene! It's enough to make me want to watch the next epi of gg.


Wow. Damien looked hotter than before. Cannot wait to see how he is played out in this game.


I love how blair says so proudly 'I banished her' :D

Brianna bass

Juliet is the worst criminal EVER if she actually purchased drugs from Damien.. It's New York, there's drug dealers on every corner, yet she chooses the ONE person with connections to the UES? Idiot.

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