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Thanx for explaining maggieh10! :D


Crap i brought the chocolates to bed again.


Blair (on the phone) : Chuck, hang on a sec.
Blair : I told you Serena, I'm not into girl on girl action!


Gossip Girl: Looks like Queen B. sealed the deal and hooked herself a Bass.


@ QueenB:

Though we have no kangoroos here in Austria (except for the zoo of Vienna), I rolled on the floor laughing reading your entry. It´s just so typically Nate :-D


Blair(On Phone): So... I don't get my money back once I've used it? I wasn't completely satisfied, and I didn't feel like I was being Chucked!


@Brazilian Girl
you get ranked for how many points you have on this website. you get them from commenting and writing in the forum. The more points you have, the better ranking you have


Not an entry, just a question: Can anybody explain me what's the purpose of this "Rank: Guest Star" that appears below names?? I've been wondering what that is about...


@Queen B

down under is Australia not Austria haha


Gossip Girl: Shameful skeletons we hide in the closet, dirty little secrets under the rug, forbidden lovers under the bed. But under the sheets seems to be the best place to keep Basses.

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