Fringe Spoilers: Alt Broyles to the Rescue!

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Olivia is coming home, Fringe fans. Eventually.

The wheels for this return to Over Here will be put in motion on Thursday's episode, as previewed HERE, while Anna Torv tells TV Guide her character "just needs to find someone she can trust" in order to make her escape. Enter Alt Broyles.

Colonel Takes a Stand

"I figure out that she knows who she really is," says Lance Reddick, teasing how his Colonel will uncover Walternate's plan to get his hands on the Cortexiphan in Olivia's system. "He decides to save Olivia because they're about to dissect her. She is the only one they have ever found who can cross back and forth between universes safely without any of the effects, and they want to know why."

What else can Reddick tell us about what lies ahead? "Shock, horror, all of that," the actor says, referring to events after Bolivia's cover gets blown and she ends up in federal custody.

So, what will happen once each Olivia is back where she belongs? Confusion for Peter, Joshua Jackson teases.

"The last interaction he had with Olivia was, 'I'm not quite sure how I feel about you, but I'm gonna take a huge emotional gamble on what we could be,'" says Jackson. "Now the payoff for that gamble was that he actually did fall in love, just not with the woman he was signing on for. How do you broach that conversation?"

Producer Joel Wyman, meanwhile, describes upcoming developments as representative of a "family in crisis," while fellow producer Jeff Pinker concludes:

"An impostor in their midst has in a lot of ways damaged their relationships, and now we're playing the fallout."

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Fringe Quotes

Unless this buried treasure had legs of its own, wouldn't that be delightful?


Alt-Lincoln: Oh, you mean Mantis.
Lincoln: Seriously? Your superhero is a flying insect?
Fauxlivia: Because nothing says badass like a flying bat?

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