Fringe Producers Answer Fan Questions, Preview Observer-Centric Episode and More

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Fringe fans have a not-so-simple question: What's going on Over Here?

Does Peter truly believe he's with the real Olivia? Did he and the other Olivia really have sex? Will we see more Observers this season? Producers Jeff Pinkner and Jeff Wyman took a few minutes to answer Twitter inquiries from viewers this week, posting the following responses to the following questions for E! News...

Does Peter know that Fauxlivia is NOT his Olivia?
Pinker: Peter pretty much believes that's his Olivia. He's just clocking the changes that are going on with her, what he thinks is an existential change for the character, since she's been through so much and has come back. [He thinks she] has seen what you could call the error of her ways in how she's lived her life, and that she's sort of had this epiphany where she sees the world so much clearer than she did before.

An Over There Interrogation

Did Peter and fake Olivia really get it on?
Wyman: That was sex! That was definitely sex, and the next time we see them together, which will be in two episodes from now, pretty early on in the episode, we define exactly where there relationship is right now.

Will fake Olivia turn good at any point?
Pinker: Under the headline that no character thinks they're a bad character, Altivia definitely exposes herself to us as a fully formed thinking woman who's going to realize certain things about existence and the two worlds and what part she's playing and who the other Olivia is and who Peter is and what she stands for - there's definitely going to be a lot of different colors that we get to know about her.

Are there any more Observer-based episodes on the way?
Pinkner: There's an Observer-centric episode coming up. Let's just say that what we love to do with the Observer episodes like "August" is give the fans a chance to understand a little more about what they're about, and this time won't disappoint.

Fringe returns with a new episode tonight. Get a sneak peek at it NOW.

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