Chuck Round Table: "Chuck Versus the First Fight"

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Not only did a former Bond make an appearance this week, but he ended up being Volkoff?  The Volkoff!?

This week's episode, "Chuck Versus the First Fight," moved the Volkoff plot along more than the rest of the season combined. So you could imagine our panelists couldn't wait to dissect the episode in our Round Table.  Let's let them do this.

Worse spy when it comes to keeping their mouth shut on a mission: Chuck or Morgan?
Dr. Toboggan: Chuck.....Morgan has nothing but interesting bits of knowledge that I look forward to hearing, whereas it's hard on a mission to feel sorry for Chucks' relationship problems with his ultra hot girlfriend.

Quiet Pool: About important details the CIA is trying to keep as a secret?  Chuck.  About strange details like asbestos problems at the local bank?  Morgan.

The Barnacle: I have to give it to Chuck.  The idiot manage to distract even the professional Sarah with his chatter.  Morgan, meanwhile, has been properly trained by Casey to muzzle on command.

Chuck RT New!

Blue seats in the red mustang.  Pimp or tacky?  Oh and what was that green light thing under said red seats?
Quiet Pool: I'm a tacky.  The green light under the seat was obviously where Steve Bartowski is going to communicate with Ellie from like he's K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider.

Dr. Toboggan: I am also going to say tacky.  Blue seats, red Mustang, yellow stripes it was all just too much. Although I would buy the car simply for that super computer under the seat that hopefully has the newest intersect.

The Barnacle: You guys are crazy!  So pimp!  I can't believe that thing didn't get swooped up sooner from the classifieds.  And now I'd like to think it was obvious that green light thingy was a modern day flux capacitor.

Timothy Dalton is Volkoff!?  No lies, did you see it coming?
Quiet Pool: Like I said in my review, I was completely blind sided.  It was so ridiculously awesome that Volkoff was playing a wimpy handler character when in reality he is a murderous evil mastermind.

Dr. Toboggan: I too was completely caught off guard.  I was taught growing up to automatically trust anyone who has played James Bond (no matter how terrible the movie was) so I immediately trusted him and unfortunately I think Chuck was taught the very same way.

The Barnacle: I've learned you can never trust anyone in the Chuck universe, even if they are played by a former Bond.  That said, no way I had him figured for Volkoff.

What did Momma Bartowski's PSP Intersect do to Chuck!?
Dr. Toboggan: While Momma B will flip flop another hundred times, I think she was Bad Momma B when she did that and the PSP removed the intersect from Chuck's head.  She didn't think he could handle it and was protecting him, but fortunately I am going to bet Chuck will stumble across a new one.

Quiet Pool: I think it gave him every cheat code to every PSP game in the world.  But seriously, we're supposed to assume that it dismantled Chuck's intersect, so that can't be what it actually did.  Maybe it improved it by making it dormant for a while?  Whatever it did, it has to be good for Chuck, because I'm absolutely positive that Momma B is a good guy at this point...or maybe she isn't.

The Barnacle: Yeah, despite what they're leading us to believe, there's no way the PSP removed the Intersect.  Only Nintendo's new 3DS could do that and the technology unfortunately was just not available at the time.  So I'm going to assume it just uploaded his father's life work into his brain, causing an overload.  He'll recover.

Did you miss the Buy More crew?
Dr. Toboggan: Every day of my life.  I am going to petition when Chuck ends to have a spin off called the Real Nerd's of Buy More where cameras just follow Jeff, Lester and that creepy fat kid in the green shirt around on the weekends.

Quiet Pool: Very much so. Single tear.

The Barnacle: I was so enraptured by an episode of Chuck that was nothing short of perfection that I didn't even notice their absence.

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Chuck Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Morgan: You know a couple's first fight actually sets the tone for all future arguments. Trust me, I'm going through it right now myself.
Chuck: You and Alex?
Morgan: No me and Casey actually.

Mary: Morgan Grimes. I haven't seen you since you were nine years old.
Morgan:You know what? I haven't had a decent rice krispie treat since.