Chuck Review: Death by Gondola!

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Following the best episode of the season and, then a week off, "Chuck Versus the Fear of Death" was a run of the mill installment of our favorite spy series.

Filled with a couple of heavy-hitting guest stars, plenty of Chuck and Sarah angst, and a wide variety of humorous lines, it was what you would come to expect from an hour of Chuck.  Comparing it to "Chuck Versus the First Fight?"  A disappointment.

Chuck Versus The Fear of Death Scene

Every time we've had a Greta, I feel like I've said the same thing: what's the point of this experiment?  Then again, every time there is a Greta, it is the same thing, so I don't feel so bad.  It's an idea that seems to simply be there in order to bring in whatever guest stars they would like to have, and that doesn't usually create quality story telling.

Don't get me wrong, I love Summer Glau*, and I enjoyed her more than any other Greta (except the Old Spice guy), but the concept really brings nothing to the table.  She was a foe for the Buy More guys this week, but it creates more confusion than entertainment.

(*It's tough to see Glau as anything other than a Terminator after watching two seasons of the Sarah Connor Chronicles.  And yes, I was mad it got canceled.)

Let's move on to what we got out of the Chuck Triple Threat this week.

I am a big Rob Riggle fan, so his Jim Rye absolutely did it for me this week.  Whether it was his enjoyment in hitting Chuck repeatedly, him finding it funny when Chuck was in danger, or chomping on a Swiss chocolate bar during the bidding war, he delivered plenty of laughs.  The only problem? He got shot off of a gondola, so he won't be returning to us.

Sadly, Morgan didn't bring his A Game this week, but Jeff and Lester stepped it up.  Jeff having delusions about the new Greta possessing a tail was good on its own, but Lester taking it in stride like it was no big deal made it that much more hilarious.  These guys continue to make me laugh, especially when they comment on the sophistication of Greta's Subway eating habits.

We got a couple of good action bits this week. There was that crazy ninja fight where Rye was testing Chuck's ability, and then the gondola sequence.  Chuck continues to find great new places to hold battles.  The gondola is perfect because it lends itself well to the old hanging-off-the-ledge routine.  Add Riggle falling hundreds of feet to his death and it was quite the scene.

More of Chuck and Sarah

There was plenty of Chuck and Sarah back forth, as the latter was worried about the former heading out into the field without the intersect, but that has grown tiresome.  The best heartfelt moment was Casey's acceptance that he really does love this team.  It took some pushing by his daughter, and a lot of pushing by Morgan, but Casey came around.  He helped Morgan's Buy More problem by explaining to Jeff and Lester that Greta was stealing things, and by episode's end he was completely on board for going to save Chuck.

Moving Forward
Chuck is currently captured by the Belgian dude, who definitely likes his waffles Belgian style.  I'm sure the team will go out and find him in the next episode, but what about Frost and Volkoff?  Is that story just going to head into the background for some more time?  I'm fine with if it is the case because I'd like that plot to get resolved near the end of the season, not now.

What do you think?  Will the Belgian get the Intersect?  Will the team rescue Chuck? When will Frost come back into the picture?  And how much did you miss Awesome this week?

Chuck Versus The Fear of Death Review

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