Blue Bloods Review: "Re-Do"

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Tonight’s installment of Blue Bloods had me on the edge of my seat. “Re-Do” was one of the most dramatic episodes of the show we’ve seen so far.

Dick Reed was a suitably menacing serial rapist/murderer. Kudos to the actor.

Re-Do Scene

He really sold the evil persona. One of my favorite scenes was when he got off the prison bus and was greeted by groupies. I can only imagine the type of people who worship violent criminals but I’m sure they exist. It’s a strange world.

I’ve read that Jennifer Esposito who plays Jackie is now a regular cast member and I’m thrilled. Danny and Jackie have some great chemistry and I’ll be happy to watch these two banter over cases for the rest of the season.

Although they made it too obvious that Reed was going after Erin at the end, the scene was still suspenseful. I kept yelling at the TV for her to spray him in the face with that fire extinguisher and then hit him in the head with it. Unfortunately my pleas fell on deaf ears but I give her points for using whatever weapon she could find. As a NYC Assistant District Attorney, Erin could certainly get a carry permit for a gun.

Perhaps she’ll consider it after this. I know I would.

Frank killing Reed with one shot to the head was quite the moment. He must have had a lot of confidence in his skills.

All in all it was another great episode from a show that continues to grow on me. How about you?


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One would think with the Good Wife, CBS was starting to rizelae a way they could steer just a little wee bit from their usual formula: not by doing something so out of the box like Swingtown or Viva Laughlin, which is bound to fail, but doing a character drama that has the same sensibility as their character-free Bruckheimer shows, with a classic franchise at the center (cop, lawyer, doctor) to act as a story engine and a stakes builder. I had hopes for this, given that I liked the script and think Green and Burgess (Sopranos writers, sure, but also writers on Northern Exposure etc) are very good writers. Building a show around a police chief can be a problem (ask anyone who had to come up with stories for the District) but at least you have one son as a beat cop, Donnie Wahlberg as a homicide detective, Moynahan as a lawyer. I never cared much for Numbers, but had heard that Sanzel was a nice guy, good to his writing staff. Still, this was a weird pick. Yes, he's a former cop, but not a lot of experience in crafting the ensemble multi-storyline structure that this show has. It sounds like he was trying to push it to be more procedural; on the other hand, CBS's executives always push the shows to be more procedural, even when at the outset it wasn't supposed to be. On another note, I just watched the preview on CBS. Is that an accent Selleck's trying to do? Or did his character have a minor stroke?


I really love this show, and this episode was really great. I was only bothered by the proud boasting of the commissioner about his daughter getting back to work the day after being attacked. I think this sends a wrong and unfair message saying that if you were attacked by a psycho rapist-killer and you're not back on your feet the next day, then you are weak.


Gotta tell ya... WELL DONE. If you saw any of the promos, you knew it was going to be Dad coming to the rescue, but that did not stop me from going, "C'mon let it be Dad!" I did enjoy this episode... best so far...I'm not sure, but definitely a keeper.
As for his confidence in his skill, something tells me that the all the Reagan men keep their skills up, including the Commissioner. I could be wrong, but don't most police officers have to be tested every so often? If so, then with the way Frank's character has been portrayed, I think he would do so to set an example for the officers under his command, even though the Commissioner is a civilian position.
And Virg, Tom Selleck has done everything from playing a PI in Magnum to a Casino owner in Las Vegas, and he has done them very well. This series is just another feather in his cap.
What I like most is the family aspect and how the writers weave the A, B, and C stories together to include all the Reagans in various aspects. Kudos to them.


OMG!! This episode was the best so far! The ending with Erin in trouble was obvious but it was still so good! If you haven't seen any episodes of Blue Bloods yet check it out. Like right now. Go. Because it is so amazing!


Best episode of the series by far. I was like standing screaming run run lol.


Sorry Virg but the show is getting great ratings, especially for a Friday night. I think it's going to stick around for a while. That scene at the end where Frank shot the attacker in the head and saved his daughter was a great Selleck moment. Hell, he's even entertaining at family dinners.


Has the cancellation of this thing been announced yet? Would be sooo good to see Selleck go back to what he did years ago.


AWESOME SHOW !!! Tom Selleck still has 'it'! And the rest of the cast, Erin, Danny , Jamie and others are really good too.


Excellent episode ! I was also on the edge of my seat. the actor who played Reed did a great job of selling the psycho killer. I am a huge fan of Blue Bloods and this is one of the few shows I make a point to watch.

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