Blue Bloods Review: "Brothers"

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The best scene in “Brothers” takes place when Danny, Jamie, grandpa Henry and Frank are sitting around over beers, talking about grandpa’s black jack slapper.  It’s an unauthorized weapon. 

For those who didn't see it, it’s about eight inches of steel covered in leather and can be used to gain the upper hand in close fighting.  When Jamie turns it down, Danny mocks his brother, but Frank chimes in that he never used one.  Danny responds: “You're 6’4” and you’ve got hands of stone.”  I just had to laugh.  Tom Selleck really does tower over the rest of this cast. 

Bobby Cannavale on Blue Bloods

When Jamie finds Joe’s iPod, was I the only one who was surprised that it started right up? 

Joe was killed a while ago. That battery would be long dead.  But with the iPod working, we get to hear Joe’s cryptic message about his investigation into the Blue Templar and that he was suspicious of his FBI contact. 

I still can’t understand why Jamie doesn’t bring this straight to his father.  Jamie’s a rookie, his father’s the Police Commissioner.  Moreover, they seem to have a close relationship.  It seems like Frank would be the one person he’d trust.

I’m still not sold on this Blue Templar story overall.  It just doesn’t seem like the show needs it.  I suppose they’re using it to give Jamie some added depth, but we’re seven episodes in and it’s just not working for me.

What happened to Danny’s partner, Jackie?  We’re back on the partner merry-go-round and I’m not happy about it. Jennifer Esposito (as Jackie) has a spark the others lack.  Danny and Jackie have great banter and it adds something to the show.  I want her back.  How about you?


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I heard that Jackie was replaced because she had celiac desease and couldn't work all the hours. Is that true? I definiely think she was a terrific part of the show. The rest of the cast are fabulous (especially Tom Selleck), but please bring Jennifer back!!


I really do miss Jackie as Danny's partner. They had a kind of chemistry. Please bring her back. I'm a very faithful viewer of the show, re-runs and all.


they need to bring Jackie back


I totally agree. Jackie added so much to the show. I felt she was the star of the show, she was that good. The show is definitely lacking something without her.


I hate hate hate a switch mid season. Bring Jackie back!!!!!!!!


This was our favorite show and Jackie was an integral part of the show. All the actors click and now I feel the new partner just doesn't fit in. Really affects the feel of the show! That is terrible that they would replace someone when they were ill. We no longer have the show on our seasonal taping on TIVO. Bring "Jackie " back!


Jackie was terrific. New actress looks like she should be a crossing guard, not a detective in NYC. What a terrible decision for CBS. And shame on them for cutting her after she was ill.


I want to know what happen to Jackie?


Love, Love Blue Boods but whatever happened to Jackie? The show is missing a spark without her.
Please get her back the new girl isn't cutting it .


Why is jackee no longer on the blue blood TV show??

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