Who Will Die on The Vampire Diaries?

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A main character will die on The Vampire Diaries.

At Comic-Con in New York City last weekend, producer Julie Plec hinted at this spoiler, while E! News proceeded to follow up the rumor with a report that made it clear, quoting "reliable sources" that said:

The Vampire Diaries  will be killing off one of its characters. And it won't be the Jeremy-got-his-neck-snapped-but-was-wearing-a-magic-ring kind of death. This one will be for good.

Caroline and Matt
As Jeremy
Aunt Jenna
Bonnie Photo

Watch this exciting Vampire Diaries trailer, and then prepare to say goodbye to one of these characters!

So, who are the leading death contenders?

At the aforementioned panel discussion, Plec referenced the fact that Tyler has to commit murder in order to turn into a werewolf and said:

"The way that that plays out, when it plays out, you're going to be concerned for someone on this table."

Sitting at that table were Zach Roerig, Steven R. McQueen, Sara Canning and Katerina Graham, all of whom would be reasonable options (it's safe to assume Damon, Elena and Stefan will live to fight, and be sexy, for another few seasons). Vote now: Which of these characters be spending eternity with Vicki and Anna?

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If anybody Die I say Jenna...they Barely show Her anyways Woudnt be Much of a Loss Just Saying ...


My money is on BONNIE!!the ''new love interest'' will kill her !!but please dont vampire diaries will be boring without a witch :(( i hope they wont kill anyone!


i think it not Matt. coz its too obvious, for me. maybe im wrong, maybe it is, but i dont really want it to be Bonnie, Jeremy or Caroline. Cuase of Elena is mostly close to them, but then if Jenna dies, they will be left alone in that house!!! at least they didnt show Elena as a possible die-ing person! i would have screamed if they did. X H x


its Matt for sure
kinda sad because i liked Matt !! but his role is kinda boring at the moment and theres no werewolf anymore so Tyler kills Matt and well we have a werewolf again


k so if you see the next week's episode..Matt gets into a fight with tyler and Katherine compells him to "not stop until he gets killed"...so i dont know...also jeremy and bonnie are helping to kill Katherine..but at this point it could really be any of them..however they didn't show bonnie that much so maybe its a hint? maybe they won't show her at all anymore? and trust me i hate to say this and PLEASE LET ME BE WRONG! but i think its MATT:(
however they do say someone gets killed..but do they turn into a vampire like Caroline?
that would be amazing because i love caroline and matt ..and this way they could be together forever!:D
hey..im just throwing it out there!
but either way...i can't wait! and yes i am officially a Vampire Diaries sucker!! pun intended ;)


what ep is this happening in ?!?!?


i watched that episode of e news and they said with a stake so it cant be one of them


i like this show becasue they always keep it intresting, and killing off people is one of the shockers this show has! i think jenna should go, i dont really like her, and i really like matt so..


I reckon Matt because he doesn't do much, and also because Katherine threatened Caroline saying that she would kill him if she doesn't do what she wants. And now that Caroline's come clean to Elena...what will Katherine do?


*actuality --- oops!

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