The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Kill or Be Killed"

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What an exhilarating episode of The Vampire Diaries this week! It's given our staff plenty to discuss in the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table. Join us for it below...

Most shocking development of the night: Stefan's return to human blood, Caroline outing herself to her mom, or Mason's alliance with Katherine?
M.L. House: The alliance. Not simply because these two are now working together, but because it was revealed how Katherine entered Mason's life at least a year earlier. So many questions from this surprise and directions it can go in...

Elena: Most definitely Mason's alliance with Katherine. There's nobody who can say they saw that coming.

ViddWizard: Let me add most boneheaded, in addition to most shocking. Caroline has not been known for good judgment. But eating one of her mom's officers and stepping into the light in full vamp mode could have been better thought out.

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Should Damon have killed Liz?
M.L. House: Yes. The touchy-feely side to Damon might make him attractive to Elena, but this is all about survival. Just look at the title of the episode. Kill or be killed, big D. You need to actually be alive in order to flash that winning smile.

Elena: I think Damon is becoming the Damon he was before Katherine messed him up. I think he actually thinks Liz is his friend.

ViddWizard: I think it's showing how much Damon has grown that he didn't snap her neck instantly and even came up with the plan to wipe her memory instead.

Dumber move on Jeremy's part: Revealing to Tyler he knew about his secret, or not following that girl upstairs?
M.L. House: The admission to Tyler might come in handy later on. But Jeremy's refusal to go upstairs with that girl ensured that he would not come in hand... nevermind.

Elena: Considering telling Tyler resulted in Tyler letting go of his neck, he was stupid not to follow the girl.

ViddWizard: A hot, tipsy, flirting girl wanted Jeremy to follow her up stairs and frisk her. He didn't go. What a MORON!!!

Will Stefan's blood-based plan work?
M.L. House: Absolutely. What could possibly go wrong when you imbibe the same substance that drove you to almost commit murder just a few months ago, only this time you suck it from your girlfriend's veins? I wanna know why Stefan thinks this will work: Damon drinks human blood and still can't take Katherine down.

Elena: I think so.

ViddWizard: Sure, it worked for Katherine and it works for allergy shots... why not?

Will Tyler eventually turn full-fledged werewolf?
M.L. House: Yes. And then he'll carry his high school basketball team to victory!

Elena: He has to. He almost killed both Jeremy and that poor girl all in one episode. It's only a matter of time.

ViddWizard: Yes. At the rate he is flinging co-eds down the stairs, it won't take long.

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@Heather: HAHAHHA !! Loved what u said about Nina !!! lmao !! That's excatly what I told my friends yesterday I think. The girl kisses every hot guy in the show !!! Whether she's Katherine or Elena, and seriously who cares !!! Coz it's still her !!! Oh and me too thought Mason was going to be the misunderstood guy, the guy who just wanted to live a normal life, and tried his best to survive to his curse. But no, turned out he was just another jerk.


Oh My GOD. I was so shocked over how moronic Mason turned out to be. I thought be was the LUPIN of the story! You know misunderstood werewolve type, moral values, sensible. But he's just ANOTHER idiot swayed by Kat (Nina Dobrev was obviously born under some star. How come she gets to- quite thoroughly- kiss every hot guy?)
Damon is really lonely in many ways and WANTS real friends. He's hung onto Alaric and he's lost Elena and he's at the moment very fond of anybody whose just genuinly nice to him. Touching scene when he told Caroline to behave for her mother- it was inclined that Damon has something of a soft spot for Liz. Even more touching when he kept glancing worryingly at Stefan while facing death. Damon is awesome.
And I am SO proud of Caroline this episode! How Kick ass was it when she took down Mason and was all willing to fight for the brothers? Even Damon senses that he owes her one this time around.
My guess? The girl that fell down the stairs will due if some internal injury not noted then.
I was watching last season's Delena scenes and I have to say, ALL of them were very sweet. This season there's more of that in Stelena and I wish Damon and Elena's relationship would smooth over!
Overall, incredible episode. They keep surprising us and I love it!


Oh and @B.A.M : I really thought he might actually kill Jer in this episode ! I was so sure of that and still am !


And i really like the vampire caroline


Gosh I'm still shocked by the end of this episode... I didn't like Mason when he made his 1st appearance, but then, I started to like him. Now I... I don't know looool !! The fact that he was the cause of Stefan and Damon being discovered was too much. And I won't talk about what we learned at the very end... Big shock !! What the hell is Mason doing with Katherine !
@XOMoniXO : Please, it's D-A-M-O-N ! And the Stefan/Elena couple is really starting to get on my nerves. Even though, I must admit that I liked them at the end lol.
Poor Caroline... It really saddened me what happened with her mom...
But it was awesome !! Caroline being all super woman was really funny to watch ! And when she threw Mason with her feet, gosh it was quiet laughable loool !!
I, too, think that Damon actually thinks Liz is his friend... he cares...
For the moonstone, I think it helps them shift even if it's not fullmoon or he keeps them from shifting.
But all in all, really good episode.


BTW, tyler can kill bonnie if he wants, shes a bitch


DAMON AND ELENA! They need to be together, he already has changed a little bit... if you don't count him ''killing'' jeremy ha. I dont want him to change to much, he has to stay fun. But realy, if elena is not going to at least realy like him this season, its her loss..........!


I personally love Stefan and Elena I don't hate demon and Elena I just love Stefan more I wouldn't mind seeing how the demon and Elena thing goes just to compare. lol love this episode was awesome I am kinda intrigued by the Caroline and Stefan relationship as well, I do actually think Tyler will kill Jeremy to become a werewolf it TVD expected the worse and it will happen.


i'm thinking the moonstone prevents the curse from triggering. and because tyler's had that thing in his pocket he isn't feeling the effects. but now that he gave it up he'll start becoming a werewolf? idk. i can't wait! two more weeks!


I was shocked seeing mason and kat... what the hell is he thinking or better what did she do to him to make him work for her??
Caroline was great! I like her more and more! Never thought she would become such a strong and interesting character!
But the best is and remains DAMON! Love him!!! And I really hope writers will move towards Delena! As nice as Stefan is, the chemistry between Damon and Elena is way better!!
Can't wait until Oct 21. Does anybody know why the take a break next week??

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