The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Masquerade"

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Tyler became a werewolf, two students died, Katherine got locked in a tomb and Elena chose to remain single.

Somehow, our critic deemed "Masquerade" to be a slow episode of The Vampire Diaries, despite its inclusion of all these developments. Staff members debate that assessment, along with other topics, in this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table...

What was your favorite quote/scene from the episode?
M.L. House: Stefan being funny for a change! Perfect line delivery from Paul Wesley when he told Bonnie he could explain, paused and reiterated Jeremy's asserting: "We're gonna kill Katherine."

LJ Gibbs: Katherine: "So, here we are: the brother who loved me too much and the only who didn't love me enough." Damon: "And the evil slut vampire who only loved herself." That would have been a great kiss-off line had they finished her off.

Elena: Have to give it up for Nina Dobrev in the last scene. We saw a different, weaker side of Katherine's character than we have in every other episode. Dobrev really made her bad-ass character look scared and vulnerable when begging Damon and telling him "you need me."


Is this the last we've seen of Katherine?
M.L. House: Yes . She'll remain locked inside that tomb and never be heard from again. It's a shame, really, I was hoping to get more on her Bulgarian background.

LJ Gibbs: LOLgasm.

Elena: Of course not! She's got her own episode coming up in a few weeks. I'm guessing the girl Tyler gets involved with, talking Bonnie into opening that tomb to get that moonstone for him. Why the hell is the moonstone in the tomb with Katherine? Was Damon trying to make a wanted it so bad, now rot with it?

Bonnie and Jeremy as a couple: Hot or gross?
M.L. House: I don't see a need to pair them up, as each can function well on his or her own. But I'll take more action for Bonnie any way I can get it. I'm sick of her just whining and reluctantly agreeing to help every episode. She's starting to remind me of Claire from Heroes, and that's most definitely a bad thing.

LJ Gibbs: Definitely hot on its own merit, and also convenient in that a heterosexual relationship might help me stop confusing him with another troubled, CW younger brother with an "emo thing" ... Eric van der Woodsen.

Elena: Undecided. There was definite chemistry. Knowing how old the actor playing Jeremy is, it's a little weird. Unexpected and weird. We'll see where this goes.

Is Elena remaining single the right decision?
M.L. House: Only if she's doing it because her real feelings are for Damon.

LJ Gibbs: I can see both sides of this one. It's understandable that Elena could be hesitant to jump back into a relationship with Stefan when people around Mystic Falls have been dropping like flies (or Charlie Sheen's pants at the Plaza) ever since they met. But come on. Stefan and Elena were so in love that they tried to dupe Katherine into leaving them alone LAST WEEK. Now she's locked in a dungeon! Get naked already.

Elena: That's the one thing that was wrong about last night's episode for me. You can't start off last week's episode with her telling Stefan how much she loves him and giving him blood, and end the next episode with her still being apart from him. Stefan had it right, after Katherine was taken away, he ran right up to Elena to kiss her... and she should have kissed him back. She's doesn't feel safe? She hasn't been safe for 28 episodes. What a feeble line to stick in at this point. 

Who should Damon, Stefan and Elena dress as for Halloween?
M.L. House: The Vampire Diaries only has one show as competition for teenage attention on Thursday nights. So these three should dress as Seaside, New Jersey club goers and attack Snooki and The Situation at their most inebriated, sidelining the MTV stars for months. Hello, ratings bump!

LJ Gibbs: Damon and Stefan should go as each other, I bet their impersonations would be really funny. Elena should go as Katherine. Not only is this a budget-conscious move, but a potentially scary one. Think about how much she could mess with Caroline.

Elena: Damon as Frank Sinatra. The blue eyes seal the deal. Stefan could wear a 'hey it's Monday!' face and go as Edward Cullen; and Elena would be perfect as Cinderella, waiting for her prince (since we still don't know which brother she will end up with).

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Pretty sure the writers said that anyone waiting for Damon and Elena to hook up was going to be waiting a LONG time because they aren't going there, this season, at any rate.


nina dobrev is such an incredible actress.the last scene was betyond amazing!! I LOVED THIS EPISODE. WHOEVER THINKS OTHERWISE(READ:the critic) clearly has no idea what a good episode's all about. awww bonnie and jeremy would be so cute together. and i might sound like a traitor since just last week i was a stelena fan but i CANT WAIT for DELENAAA!!!!


@anyone who's complaining about the bonnie/jeremy ship because of the age difference:
Throughout the history of the show, Jeremy has not been in a relationship with a single person his age. Vicki was a senior, Anna was more than a century old vampire in a 15-year-old's body and Bonnie is the same age as Vicki. Initially, I was surprised by the spoilers that instigated this ship. But I mean, not really. This is pretty much on par for J. And he's mentally a lot more mature than anyone gives him credit for (RE: his line to Bonnie in Masquerade, "I'm not a kid any more, Bonnie," which was the exact moment I knew the writers were definitely persuing the ship).
Dobrev was absolutely fantastic in Masquerade. Some would say playing to two different roles in the one show would be a challenge. When I first realised this was the case, I was wary because she's relatively new to the industry. But I think we can all agree that Katherine and Elena are nothing alike and Nina Dobrev is the reason why.


Oh yes. And when Damon, Bonnie, Stephen, Caroline, Alaric and Jeremy are in the prepping-to-kill-Katherine huddle..... Stephen: "All right. If anybody wants to back out, I'll understand."
Damon: "Yeah, Cold Feet speak now because I don't want this going wrong when someone chickens out. Caroline."
**Caroline: "I won't. Look, she killed me. Fair is fair."** ^^ I love Caroline's response.


If I heard it correctly, then my favorite line is EASILY, Damon: "Katherine's not getting DICK."


I think Kat is running from Klaus! Klaus was the vamp who turned her in the books. The episode was great, not slow. I think Bonnie and Jeremy had a lot of chemistry and would be good together-and i think they will get together, all those "when did you grow up" questions Bonnie kept making. Did anyone else feel like Caroline and Tyler could get together?
Protect the doppleganger?? cant wait for the next episode. ohh- and im kind of glad that both of the "disney stars" are dead


I rather see Bonnie with Damon then with Jeremy's. int he show Jeremy is younger then Bonnie it just dont sound right..or shoudl I be more open minded?


I agree with Liz; Kat Graham is actually a tiny bit younger than Steve McQueen in real life so not sure where you were going with that. Loved the Bonnie/Jeremy potential, it didnt sound like it would work in theory, but on screen there's some great chemistry happening there. I'm all for it! As for Elena....she's starting to bug me to be honest. Very glad to hear Jeremy say 'its not all about you', About darned time someone said that.


@ sarah: VICKY is really dead.. sorry



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