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What a epic episode Mason getting killed and the breakup!!! so many OMG moments and DAMON hes a surfer quote cant wait till next week


He would never, ever go against the two people he loves the most - Stefan and Elena - to be happy himself. In fact, he's as much in pain by their break-up as they themselves are.

so true. I was stating this exact point with my sister. I'm a huge Stelena fan but Damon's scene with Elena spoke volumes for the pain he felt for her being hurt, her brother being hurt and himself being hurt for not being able to be there for her(or the one for her).


No mention of the extremely heartfelt and tear-jerking scene between Stefan and Elena? This was no fake break-up, and watching it, it's amazing to think that any of the other 'break-ups' were supposed to be realistic. THIS was as real and tragic as it could possibly be between the two and props to both Pual and Nina for pulling it off beautifully.


I think one of the most powerful scenes I've seen so far in TVD would be the breakup scene. It definitely broke my heart and left me in tears as well.
Nina and Paul's acting was amazing, and this episode was probably one of the most brilliant.


I was like "WHOA!!!" when Jenna stabbed herself. That shocked the hell out of me! When Elena and Stefan broke up, I literally shed a tear. Heartbreaking stuff.


god the stelena scene!!!! WOW!!!! I cried like a little little little baby!!!!!!!! but they'll be together again!!!! they have to!!!!!! paul wesley really killed this scene!!! he was amazing!!!!


even though I am totally delena the breakup scene between stefan and elena was so heart breaking that I really said "no elena you fool don't say it don't break up with him!!!!" me!!! that I have spent weeks praying for their breakup!!!!

I don't know if the writer of this review is team delena or stelena but you cannot review this episode and not even referring to the breakup!!!


Honestly, one of the most powerful scenes I've ever seen in TVD was the breakup seen at the end. Paul and Nina are such amazing actors, and it shows. It literally broke my heart and left me crying as well.


It was a very powerful episode, by far perhaps one of the best we've seen so far. In terms of performances and storyline, but also in terms of shocking content and suspense and thrill, which in my opinion, should be the very basis of a supernatural show.

Katherine was amazing, she stole two of the best scenes of the episodes with Matt and Jenna in her trap. But then, didn't we all know she was going to? That's Katherine: evil at it's best, or is it worst?

Bonnie is starting to grow on me again. It wasn't her story as much that I hated as much as her reactions to happenings. Graham is a powerful actress, and they were wasting her potential. Nice to see her back with a bang. That's the least she could do to help around. Caroline's amazing, as she's been to date this season and so was Alaric.

Steven's looking hotter than ever, and his character Jeremy's really gearing up. That's what I want to see for a brother for Elena. Smart, responsible and definitely not a cry-baby. Damon's right, his purpose for life is tragic. But then, tragic in Vampire Diaries is exciting for us viewers.

Stefan really got to me. I had moist tears in that last scene. Paul steps up and shows that he's as great an actor as Nina and Ian are, you just have to let him portray it. Kuddos to him there. Ian takes my heart away every time, I guess that's never going to change. From scenes with Taylor to Nina at the end, the guy's amazing. Damon really loves Elena, and the last scene shows why he's always loved few people, but deeply. He would never, ever go against the two people he loves the most - Stefan and Elena - to be happy himself. In fact, he's as much in pain by their break-up as they themselves are.

The show doesn't stop to excite me with each passing episode. Kevin and Julie are doing an amazing work! Hope it goes on for a long time. Definitely one of the best on television right now! :)


i get annoyed with the bonnie bashing. i find her reactions realistic to the fact that her town is filled with charming (sometimes really good) yet murderous blood-sucking fiends and her best friend is dating one of them.

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