The Simpsons Review: "Loan-A-Lisa"

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Easily out of all the characters on The Simpsons, Lisa is the most well written, layered characters on the show.  Unfortunately, she's the voice of reason on the show and just not that funny of a character.

Muhammad Yunus on The Simpsons

For example, this week Lisa had the main storyline, yet as you'll see from our favorite Simpsons quotes from the episode, she didn't make the cut for any of the finer moments.

So why do we still love Lisa?  Because the girl allows the show to still explore unique story lines in the show's twenty second season that no other character could allow.  This week? Lisa explored the concepts of micro loans thanks to her early inheritance from grampa and some advice from Nobel prize winner Muhammad Yunus.

Overall we thought "Loan-A-Lisa" had was a well written story with some great jokes and a terrible cameo by Mark Zuckerberg conveniently the weekend The Social Network came out.

Some of our favorite moments from the episode:
  • The chicken fight between Zuckerberg-Branson vs Gates-Nelson.   Anyone taking bets?
  • Wiggum and Lou's whole undercover bit.
  • "You're not at work mom!"
  • Call us sappy, but Lisa and Nelson holding hands as they roller skated.

Loan-A-Lisa Review

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