South Park Review: Who is Mysterion?

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Your love of last night's South Park will rely totally on how much of an obsessed fan you are.  The show's satire of the BP Oil spill and Captain Hindsight were decent, but the highlights were definitely for long term fans.

Coon and Friends

Sure, Tony Hayward's apologies had us laughing and the entire scene with DP and drilling into a third hole on the moon (the mouth, get it?) was one of the best parts of the episode, but "The Coon 2: Hindsight" was written for loyal fans.

The satire elements on their own were not enough to make this episode hold up, but when you bring back the Coon and Mysterion, we're on board.  Ever since the two made their appearance last season, all we've wanted to know... who is Mysterion?  More on that analysis after the jump.

So in addition to some great South Park quotes, some of our favorite moments were showing Willzyx and Tom Cruise on the moon, the return of Cartman's Antonio Banderas sex doll in a superman costume, and any scene with Professor Chaos.  But where's our General Disarray?

Now on to our analysis of who we think each superhero is, and possibly who Mysterion is.  Please hop in and give your ideas!

  • Coon - Cartman
  • Mosquito - Clyde or Kenny (?)
  • Human Kite - Kyle
  • Tupperware - Token
  • Iron Maiden - Timmy
  • Tool-shed - Stan
  • Mintberry Crunch - Kenny or Bradley (the blond hair?)
  • Mysterion - Clyde or Kenny.

Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but there's a decent chance Kenny could be Mysterion.  We just have to hope next week is the followup episode and we get a little Coon 3: Coon Rising.  Get it?  Cause of the new Batman movie title that was announced yesterday.  Eh, tough crowd.

Overall, we enjoyed the episode, if nothing else for the fun throwbacks, but it just wasn't as strong as some of the other season fourteen offerings. 

Again, we appreciated the BP satire, but it just felt a little dated and not that biting.  And who was Captain Hindsight supposed to be mocking?  Obama?  Congress?  Every reporter during the event?  We definitely watched it more to have fun with Coon and friends.


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Kenny is definitely the Human Kite considering the scene when he leaves home and then immediately the scene flashes to that hero. Kyle is absolutely the Mosquito b/c the preaching he does and also i'm sure the joke with the big nose goes with the jewish aspect. and that only leaves clyde really as Mysterion


Coon - Cartman /100% X
Tupperware - Token /100% X
Iron Maiden - Timmy /100% X
Tool-shed - Stan / 100% X
Mint Berry / Bradly 90% / Kenny 10% ?
Mysterion / Kenny 70% / 20% Kyle / Clyde 10%/ ?
Mosquito / Clyde 70 % / 20% Kyle / 10% Kenny ?
Human Kite / 90% Kyle / 10 % Kenny ? Mosquito - thats dumb costume and poor it could be Kennys but since its like Kyle's voice with closed nose (No secret Trey and Mat mess with voices often) so u cant believe what u hear - i think only Clyde can have such dumb costume . Human Kite have Kyle type replicas " let him speak ! "
Kyle and Kenny never allow Cartmen to beat them up cause they can fck kill Cartman especially Kyle since he hate Cartman and come from Jersey and Kenny want revenge him for Nascar ! Also in Coon 1 Kyle and Mysterion was together but thats maybe fight club ? Only in his mind idk. Mint berry Crunch - Bradley (Kenny speaks back better than berry to Cartmen, Maybe he drinking water cause he putting small small money in piggy bank cause he bought a PSP in 8 season :D Also Mysterion costume are close to Kenny orange costume and he hate Cartmen after nascar !!! Also Bradly looks poor to and its not combed hair, well Kenny have access to fireworks and he can resurrect but if we looking on him from total poor side hmmm he couldn't afford a comb so maye 20% he is mint but since Kenny is doing nothing maybe Matt and Tray made up that he finnaly action
aso he had robocop robot costume to PSP .. so to much to think SOuth park creators just messed up in end it could be Garrison or mr hat :D lol So, kill me and call me stupid (Sorry for my bad English not my local lang) Coon - Cartman
Tupperware - Token
Iron Maiden - Timmy
Tool-shed - Stan
Mint Berry - Bradly
Mysterion - Kenny
Mosquito - Clyde
Human Kite - Kyle


Clyde is Mysterion. Why??? If you watch the coon 2 - Token says we want to be called the extreme avenger league - All the boys say yeah but only Mysterion and Toolshed (stan) say yeah extreme avenger league and the damning news is that you can hear only stan and clydes voices (he speaks in his normal voice and not mysterions). All the others have their mouths closed including Mosquito and Kite guy. If you watch the start of the new episode and pause it just before the episode starts when it shows all the characters. You can see Kenny as normal and Mysterion stood at the side but no Clyde. In the original Coon episode Clyde is the only one asleep when Cartman is giving his talk on the Coon suggesting that Clyde has been up all night protecting the city. Other people have already put good arguements forward for Clyde. Kyle is definitely Mosquito and Kenny the Human Kite.


Clyde is even asleep in the classrooms!!


Mysterion has to be Klyde becuase Cartman never mentions Kenny's name on the rooftop on season 13 episode 2!!


Captain hindsight was just a joke about the fact that we as a nation, comfort ourselves with hindsight. We always say "he or she should have done this or that" when something horrible happens, in order to feel safe, or feel like something awful can't happen again.


Kyle is Mosquito: it has Kyle's voice in it. Kenny is the Human Kite, remember that Human Kite (like Kenny) is blonde. And Bradley has a different hairstyle of Kenny's, and quite similar to Mintberry Crunch. Hence, Clyde is Mysterion.


skip to 20:23 and you will see all the superheros except for cartman out of costume... couple minutes later they say "we'd better get into costume" and they come out the house several minutes later in costume, from there its pretty easy to figure out, EVERYONE is obvious except for human kite and clyde. kyle: mosquito
stan: toolshed
timmy: iron maiden
token: tupperware
bradley: mint berry crunch HUMAN KITE: CLYDE OR KENNY


Damn Cut and paste Human Kite - Kyle


Silly Rabbits. Kyle is NOT the Mosquito. Kyle is the Human Kite. Listen to his carefully reasoned arguments and his voice. He's clearly Kyle. Also, Kite sounds awfully close to a dirty word for Jewish people, something the South Park people would not hesitate to slip in there. Mosquito - Clyde
ToolShed - Stan (obvious)
Human Kite - Clyde
Iron Maiden - Timmeh
Tupperware - Token So that leaves Kenny or the other blond kid as Mysterion. My vote is for Kenny as Mysterion. While MintBerry Crunch is the type of costume a poor kid would have, I just don't see Kenny taking a butt kicking from Cartman the way MintBerry did.

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