South Park Review: Who is Mysterion?

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Your love of last night's South Park will rely totally on how much of an obsessed fan you are.  The show's satire of the BP Oil spill and Captain Hindsight were decent, but the highlights were definitely for long term fans.

Coon and Friends

Sure, Tony Hayward's apologies had us laughing and the entire scene with DP and drilling into a third hole on the moon (the mouth, get it?) was one of the best parts of the episode, but "The Coon 2: Hindsight" was written for loyal fans.

The satire elements on their own were not enough to make this episode hold up, but when you bring back the Coon and Mysterion, we're on board.  Ever since the two made their appearance last season, all we've wanted to know... who is Mysterion?  More on that analysis after the jump.

So in addition to some great South Park quotes, some of our favorite moments were showing Willzyx and Tom Cruise on the moon, the return of Cartman's Antonio Banderas sex doll in a superman costume, and any scene with Professor Chaos.  But where's our General Disarray?

Now on to our analysis of who we think each superhero is, and possibly who Mysterion is.  Please hop in and give your ideas!

  • Coon - Cartman
  • Mosquito - Clyde or Kenny (?)
  • Human Kite - Kyle
  • Tupperware - Token
  • Iron Maiden - Timmy
  • Tool-shed - Stan
  • Mintberry Crunch - Kenny or Bradley (the blond hair?)
  • Mysterion - Clyde or Kenny.

Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but there's a decent chance Kenny could be Mysterion.  We just have to hope next week is the followup episode and we get a little Coon 3: Coon Rising.  Get it?  Cause of the new Batman movie title that was announced yesterday.  Eh, tough crowd.

Overall, we enjoyed the episode, if nothing else for the fun throwbacks, but it just wasn't as strong as some of the other season fourteen offerings. 

Again, we appreciated the BP satire, but it just felt a little dated and not that biting.  And who was Captain Hindsight supposed to be mocking?  Obama?  Congress?  Every reporter during the event?  We definitely watched it more to have fun with Coon and friends.


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So the "confirmed" identities are:
Coon - Cartman
Iron Maiden - Timmy
Tupperware - Token
Tool Shed - Stan That just leaves Human Kite, Mosquito, Mintberry, and Mysterion, and the candidates are Kyle, Clyde, Bradley, and Kenny. The Human Kite IS, 100%, Kyle. This is because Kyle CANNOT be the other 3. Kyle cannot be Mysterion because he is seen with him in the episode 'The Coon'. Kyle also cannot be mintberry because Kyle is not blonde, nor would let Cartman treat him like that. And finally, Kyle is not the mosquito, because 1 - Again, kyle would not let Cartman beat him up, and 2 - The mosquito's childish 'cant we be called mosquito and friends?' is not something Kyle would say. So, by process of elimination, Kyle IS the human Kite! That leaves Mintberry, Mosquito, and Mysterion, with Bradley, Kenny, and Clyde as the candidates. Bradley is NOT mysterion because Cartman doesn't mention his name in 'the coon'. So Mysterion is either Kenny or Clyde. Clyde is NOT mintberry crunch because he is not blonde. So Mintberry is either Kenny or Bradley. Kenny is NOT mosquito because Mosquito said he almost got told off by his mum for the alarm. This does not apply to Kenny. So Mosquito is either Bradley or Clyde. So from that:
Human Kite = Kyle
Mysterion = Kenny or Clyde
Mintberry Crunch = Kenny or Bradley
Mosquito = Bradley or Clyde So... Mintberry Crunch - Kenny or Bradley? Well, it looks a lot like Bradley. Plus Kenny's voice is not like that, nor would Kenny let Cartman walk all over him. However, Mintberry drank water in the cafe, which could say he's Kenny. So he could be either of them. But I'm gonna say it's Bradley. Mosquito - Bradley or Clyde? Mosquito well could be Bradley, because Cartman says to him 'nobody even knows you Mosquito' - this fits, because nobody really knows Bradley either. However, Mosquito could also be Clyde as their attitudes are similar (especially the selfish 'cant we be called Mosquito and friends remark). And as Mintberry is probably Bradley anyway, I'm gonna say that Clyde is Mosquito. And so that leaves.... Myserion - Clyde or Kenny? Well, if Clyde is Mosquito, which he probably is, then Kenny must be Mysterion by process of elimination. It is hard to call for Mosquito, Mintberry, and Mysterion. However, I know for definite that Kyle is the human kite. So my final guesses at the 4 'unconfirmed' identities are:
Human Kite - Kyle
Mintberry Crunch - Bradley
Mosquito - Clyde
Mysterion - Kenny Thank you and goodnight


Many superheroes sometimes use an accomplice to trick people into thinking they are someone else, and keeping their real identity secret. I reckon it will be something like that, there are 2 (or more) Mysterions. Therefore, although Clyde or Kenny could be the accomplice, the real Mysterion will be somebody completely Mr.Hat.


Kyle is the human mosquito. Listen to the voice. Kenny is the human kite, mint berry crunch is that random blonde kid from the class, tupperware is token (duh), Mysterion is clyde and Stan is toolshed.


Kyle is definitely the Human Kite. If any of you remember the movie Porky's, there is a scene in the locker room between Tim(redneck)and Brian (Jewish kid) Tim: "Anybody wanna go fly a kite with me tonight? I hear it's great weather for flying KITES! I wonder if there's any KITES around here we can fly!" Brian: Hey listen, Cavanaugh. It's not kite, it's KIKE! K-I-K-E, "kike." You know, you're too stupid to even be a good bigot! Thus my evidence for Kyle being the Human Kite.


remember wendy's quote from the first episode, how can you be so sure Mysterion is a boy? they could write out anything from the first coon episode to make Mysterion whoever they want IMO, could be wendy...


I've watched a few scenes again, and I changed my mind. Mosquito is definitely Kyle. See for instance the way Mosquito corrects the coon during the firemen scene. Coon says "You must tell the coon" and Mosquito says "... and friends !!". Typical Kyle's exasperation due to Cartman's behavior. There is also quite a lot a interaction between Tool shed and Mosquito. Finally, the voice is quite similar, if we consider the thing that Mosquito has on his noise and which is adding some pitch to the sound. For Mysterion, I have no idea. I'm pretty sure he's not Kenny, sincee it is made quite clear Kenny is human kite.


I'd say Mysterion is Kyle, and Kenny is human kite. Kyle is supposed to be the smart, wise kid. Therefore during discussion I coudn't imagine Kyle not arguing with coon's tendancy to rule others. Mosquito could have fit for that, since he tried to bring some democracy into the group. But he was physically dominated by Cartman, so it can't be Kyle. Kyle wouldn't let cartman do that. That's why I'd go for mysterion. Mysterion opposed Coon's decisions several times, so that's kind of fit with wise and smart character of Kyle.


Coon - Cartman
Toolshed - Stan
Iron Maiden - Timmy
Mosquito - Craig (I'm being totally serious about this one, you all got it wrong x.x, CRAIG IS MOSQUITO, LISTEN TO THE WAY HE TALKS... plus craig always disagrees and gets into fights with Cartman, which is what they did!)
Human Kite - Kyle
Tupperware - Token
MIntberry Crunch - Bradley (u probly don't know him, not a main character, but IT IS NOT KENNY)
Mysterion!?!?!?!?!?! - it's Kenny, YES KENNY.


The scene where kenny gets the alarm then the human kite walks into the base implies that kenny is the human kite. Mintberry crunch's hairstyle proves he's bradley. The interactions between mosquito and cartman and how quick stan sides with mosquito prove that he's kyle. the only remaining candidates for mysterion are clyde and wendy, if you'll recall the first coon episode.


* Coon - Cartman
* Mosquito - Kenny
* Human Kite - Kyle
* Tupperware - Token
* Iron Maiden - Timmy
* Tool-shed - Stan
* Mintberry Crunch - Bradley
* Mysterion - Clyde

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