A close friend of Kono's is killed this week, leading to a solid episode of Hawaii Five-0. We've reviewed "Ko'olauloa" here and are asking readers to chime in with their thoughts on it.
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Tricia Helfer showed up on Lie to Me this week and, hey, who could object to that? Our critic found "Double Blind" to be a generally interest, enjoyable episode of this Fox drama.
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An outstanding episode of Castle almost earned a perfect rating from our critic this week. What did you think of the hunt for a serial killer on "3XK?"
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Adrianna and Liam both went topless on this week's episode of 90210, though each ended up reacting very differently to their situations. Elsewhere, secrets and scars were exposed, as we've published a detailed review of "How Much is That Liam in the Window."
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Nancy returns to her hometown on this episode, "Dearborn-Again" because she needs cash. Also, Andy and Doug attempt to secure information on where to locate fake passports, while Richard Dreyfuss guest stars.
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