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Why do I think this storyline will lead to Serena being killed off by the end of the season.



Last Episode, we found out that Juliette and Collins are related by some way...
We don't know if they are from the same blood but what we do know
Collin is a part of Juliettes plan to get Serena out of Columbia, He is using Serena so that they both can get Serena out of Columbia


Do people really think her storyline could go on all season? It is already a little tiresome. What do people like about her character? I understand people like drama, but she isn't the only one who can bring the drama. What do you specifically like about her character? I think the drama behind her plotting could continue on without her.


i love her.


I think Gossip Girl is BORING without Juliet Sharp. She should be a regular character. Besides, Katie IS GREAT. & GET IT, season 4 is better than season 3 thanks to her!


i really don't like her. Her clothes= dresses too tight+ blazers too odd +shoulder pads+ pearls+ hair pulled back= middle aged librarian who shrunk her clothes in the washing machine in the 1980s.

agreed lol this girl makes vanessa look stylish. I swear to god for a fashion influenced show like gossip girl, she should live up to that.


i like her. i just hope she doesn't mess with serena too much. :/ but i do hope she stays longer!


I really like juliet's character. she makes things really interesting.


i'd rather have georgina. she's better dressed and more fun. and michelle can act.


Give me Georgina

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