Desperate Housewives Review: "You Must Meet My Wife"

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The one-linerd were in full force on "You Must Meet My Wife."

Of course, these were easy to slip in on an episode that featured child swaps, porn housemaid cleaning, male postpartum depression and hot handyman lusting. Where do they come up with this stuff, really?  My guess is that the show’s events may actually be constructed around such quotes.

Keith and Bree

The first doozie of the night came from Bree, as she addressed Andrew with: “This isn’t one of your homosexual dance clubs. How often do you get hear that on TV?  Amongst our other favorite quips: “Where’s that Chip and Dale dancer your hired... oh, was he grating cheese on his abs?”

Speaking of Bree’s 90210 hot man with a tool belt, we’re disappointed that things have not heated up in the construction zone yet, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed that Bree makes her move.  However, we’re not holding our breath considering she referred to herself this week as a “family sedan with a beige interior."

In addition to the jokes, what really made this episode entertaining were the set-ups it included for this season's impending storylines. Beth's awkward prison life is sure to only last a few episodes.  Of course, no one lasts long on Paul Young’s watch.  I’m sure her lack of “wifely duties” will put Paul over the edge (again) and cause him to strike.

In other news, we’re glad to see Renee Perry moving onto the Lane.  We need a little variety to mix up the mundane lives of the wives.  A New Yorker with an attitude should do the trick, or at least keep us guessing as to what her big “secret” is with Tom.  The obvious choice is infidelity. Let’s hope it is something more interesting than that.

Borrowing money, perhaps?  That would make sense given Renee’s wealth - and need to please.  Or maybe Tom is really a female and Renee helped cover it up?  I mean, he does have postpartum depression and all.

More pain yet to come: will Gaby be able to swallow the news about her daughter?  The old Gaby would have traded her in right then and there – but this new more compassionate Gaby always has us guessing.  Time will tell for the Solice family. And, by the way, where is their other daughter all of the time?  She has yet to make an appearance; she must be off hanging with her real parents, too.

As for Gaby’s sexomnia... seriously?!  That is a clever way to cover up a flirtatious, gold digging model’s ways of climbing into bed with any man who can afford her.  Amusing that Carlos, a smart business man continues to fall for her tricks, but then again, he is just one of the quests, isn’t he?

What did you think of the episode?

You Must Meet My Wife Review

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