CSI Review: "Blood Moon"

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The Werewolf and vampire craze has now found its way into crime dramas. That was proven on "Blood Moon," which may not have me baying at the moon, but at least I am not looking for blood.

In the wake of last week’s shark jumping escapade, I was concerned about an episode that was going to involve vampires and werewolves. Thankfully, the supernatural portion of the story was grounded in reality. The story involved people in Las Vegas attending a social convention for “fangs and fur" fans.

Vampire Convention

I enjoyed how the writers and producers portrayed the lifestyle of such dedicated followers. Sadly, that portrayal was offset with Andy Dick playing a self-confessed descendant of Van Helsing and a weapons salesman. This was like having a church set up a booth to recruit nuns... at the Adult Entertainment Expo. Unnecessary and annoying.

On the surprising side, we finally got to see Lou (Det. Vartann) and Catherine having a hot and steamy moment together.  Lou then asked Catherine to move in with him. But she turned him down at the very end of the episode. I'm glad that the writers decided to start showing Catherine and Lou together. While it is not the Wendy/Hodges romance the fans wanted to watch, at least it is something in the romance department.

Of course, as this was the first time viewers really got to see them together, we have no frame of reference for how long they have been seeing each other seriously, leaving us to guess if he is rushing things or if Catherine is dragging her feet. I decided on the latter because the average guy doesn’t rush into living together.

The murder mystery was pretty typical CSI, but beyond that it felt like many of the characters were just going through the motions. We still don’t know why Sara is back full time without Grissom (since they are married after all,) Hodges is now in the relationship mourning phase, and Ray is using his cane intermittently (does he really need the can when he choked a man out one handed?) after losing a kidney.

We saw no signs of the new bomb tech that was suppose to be joining the team or any indication that the “big bad guy” bomber that was set-up to be this season’s extended story was even considered when the episode was written.  

In conclusion, I am hoping that the writing improves. While we are getting some interesting and mysterious deaths, we are not getting much in the way of connection to the team. I'm not sure if I'm just expecting more from the show than I should or if the show has become a shell of its former self. What do you think?

Blood Moon Review

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