Chuck Round Table: "Chuck Versus the Couch Lock"

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What a fantastic episode of Chuck this week. Read our detailed review of "Chuck Versus the Couch Lock" NOW and then join our staff for the following Round Table discussion of it...

What was your favorite quote from the episode?
Dr. Toboggan: I have to go with the entire exchange where Jeff and Lester approach Casey about hanging out with them on weekends now that they know he likes to "get down."

Quiet Pool: Funniest moment of the ep had to be Morgan's entire eulogy, but if I had to pick one line, I'd go with Jeff's "We wake up in some of the best dumpsters in the city."  

The Barnacle: Almost all of Morgan's painfully awkward eulogy, but I'll stick with one line: "Ya know if there was one word I'd use to describe John Casey, that word would be forgiveness. Big, gun-loving, Commie-hating, forgiveness."

Chuck RT New!

Give your own A-Team style expertise titles to each of the members of Operation Bartowski.
Dr. Toboggan:

  • Casey: Badass
  • Sarah: Everything
  • Chuck: Bumbling Speeches
  • Morgan: Video Games and Buy More Policies

Quiet Pool:

  • Chuck: Romantic Monologues
  • Casey: Growling
  • Sarah: Being Hot
  • Morgan: Beards

The Barnacle:

  • Chuck: Landing chicks out of his league
  • Morgan: Ditto
  • Sarah: Hotness
  • Casey: Everything
Would you want Morgan to give your eulogy?  Date your daughter?  Host your next Halo party?
Dr. Toboggan: No, yes, and yes.  I plan on being way too famous for Morgan to give my eulogy, maybe Barney Stinson or George Bush, or Frank Reynolds just to spitball a few names, but not Morgan.  Yeah, sure he can date my daughter, it's not like he's ever going to hurt her, so let her get good at video games for awhile.  And the Halo party is a no-brainer, there is no one better.

Quiet Pool: Yes, no, and yes.  Did you see how he killed at Casey's eulogy?  I want all of my guests rolling around on the floor at my funeral.  Date my daughter?  Of course not.  I don't want anyone challenging me as the funny one in the family.  I hear Morgan's Halo parties get pretty, pretty, pretty out of control, so of course he can host.

The Barnacle: Yes, no and yes.  I absolutely feel the world should know about my neck size and I feel no one else, including my surviving children, could express that.  Speaking of which, back off my surviving daughter.  Doesn't matter if I'm dead, I'll send Casey after you from the grave.  And...pfff... I'm way too cool to host Halo parties.  So clearly I need Morgan's help in showing me how it's done.

Pizza before or after you cut off a guy's hand?
Dr. Toboggan: After. First, I am probably pretty full and tired after pizza, so who wants to have the hassle of cutting off a hand looming over them while they eat.  Second, have bad guys learned nothing?  You always shoot, kill, hack the good guys as soon as you get the chance. If you let them speak or leave them unattended, TV has proven there is a 100% chance they will escape.

Quiet Pool: Oh, the answer has to be before on this.  You might as well waste that pizza.  You're not going to eat anything after gruesomely disfiguring a man's body.  Why would you waste $8.99 like that?

The Barnacle: I'm gonna disagree with both of you and say during.  Much like eating a pizza, I feel like lopping off a guy's hand is clearly a one-handed operation.  Get it?  Nor do I.

So, do you think Chuck's mom really is one of the bad guys?
Dr. Toboggan:  Since we know it's Chuck, there is no way she could be one of the bad guys... although I think it would be a pretty cool twist.

Quiet Pool: Probably not.  She has most likely been deep undercover for decades and has been waiting for Chuck to find her so they can take down Volkoff together!  Who cares if she has killed hundreds of innocent people in the process?  She needed to keep her cover.

The Barnacle: As cool as that would be, that's so not a Chuck thing to do.  Like the Pool, I'm assuming she's really a good guy, deep undercover. 

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