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Agreed. Helena's core motivations are pretty simple. Save her Daughter. Everything else stems from that goal, which, unfortunately, can blind someone and make them easily manipulated.

As for Myka, that may be a piece of Fridge Brilliance. Myka's had a bad time growing up with her dad, was hard on her and the like. So she's happiest when a surrogate "dad" is telling her she's doing a good job. Could be wrong, but that would give her happiest a bit more depth. She is a bit of a shallow character, but that is the burden the straight man must carry...


I really don't know if I think she's being forced to do this. I hadn't thought of that at all until you mentioned it. I will say though, whatever she's doing, she's doing it for her daughter and if you're a parent that has lost a child then you'll do whatever it takes to get them back. That means betraying the people you care about.

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