The Event Series Premiere Review: What is Going On?!?

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We finally got to watch one of the most hyped up and anticipated shows for the fall season and one thing's for certain: I LOVED it!

From The Event

Before I get to my review of The Event, let's go over some of the main characters we were introduced to in the pilot episode:

  • Sean Walker: Quite possibly the antihero of the show. His girlfriend, Leila, disappears while aboard a cruise before he can even pop the question. We learn that he is being targeted for the terrorist threat against the President, but in reality, he is just an average Joe wanting to find his true love.
  • Michael Buchanan: Leila's father, who is somehow connected to the disappearance of his daughter. We also find out that he is the one that hijacked the plane that Sean is on.
  •  Elias Martinez: President of the United States that learns about the top secret location 13 months before "The Event" happens, while vacationing in Miami with his wife, Christina, and their son, David.
  • Sophia Maguire: One of the main characters involved in the top-secret project and leader of the Mount Inostranka Detention Facility.  After the plane disappears, she informs the President that there is a lot he still doesn't know. Much like all of us.
  • Blake Sterling: Director of the National Intelligence that knows about the top-secret Detention Facility. He may be at odds with the President on certain issues, but will do whatever is necessary to keep the citizens of America safe.
  • Simon Lee: We do not learn much of Simon, except that he is a CIA Operative in charge of the special assignment to detain whatever is in the Mount Inostranka Detention Facility.
  • Vicky Roberts: A Manhattan socialite that Sean meets on board the cruise after he saves her from a near drowning experience.
  • Raymond Jarvis: Vice President of the United States.
First Familt

    With such a huge cast and many storylines criss-crossing throughout the episode, I can understand how the show borderlines on confusing, especially since the first episode ended in such a way that leaves us only wanting more.

    I do have to applaud the writers for creating such a unique drama. Yes, we've seen action, suspense and sci-fi before, but The Event takes everything to a whole new and unique level.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the back end stories for the main characters. Jumping from past to present back to the past and finally ending in a bang really kept me at the edge of my seat and, for me, the hour flew by.

    There are so many questions that come to mind after watching the premiere. Do you know what happened to the plane? What is the world is going on in that Detention Facility?  Where did Leila go? Is Michael really a bad guy?!

    One thing is most certain: I for one will be tuning in each week to see where this crazy show takes us. Will you? Leave your thought, opinions, and hypothesizes below.

    Until next week, here are a few The Event quotes from tonight's BIG event:

    Sophia: They saved us.
    Elias: Who? Who saved us?
    Sophia: I haven't told you everything. | permalink
    Elias: Sophia, are you ready to do this?
    Sophia: We've been waiting a long time. | permalink
    Blake: Okay fine, let the public find out, but, please Eli don't let them out. | permalink
    Blake: We sacrifice the rights of a few for the safety of many all the time. You want to do the noble thing, I get it. But, now is not the time. | permalink


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      I seriously think the author of this review was paid by the studio to write something good because it was terrible. Other critics are saying it's terrible. It's Donnie Darko meets 24, trying to be the stepbrother of Lost.


      From what I've seen and read, I'm thinking this series may introduce the little known "Doctrine of Convergent Timeline Paradow" to the television viewing masses. The doctrine tells of future beings coming back to their past at various times, for the purposes of either preventing or causing changes in the earth's time-space continuim. Such a subject matter would also require the introducion of "Exopolitics" (human to space-time aliens). Consider the characters and events: disappearances of people and planes, President, CIA, prisoners. All the pieces could fit.


      OK. what gives with a 1 hour introduction. First, there was no story development, no real character intros and last for now, why in the h... would the Secret Service sit still with the Pres. waiting for the plane to crash into them. Stupid already.

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      The Event Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

      Sean: Oh my god could they drink!
      Leila: Yes.

      Secret missions expert: Simon did you intercept it?
      Simon Lee: I couldn't stop it - they're airborne.