Returning to 90210: Mekia Cox as Sasha

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Mekia Cox has landed a recurring role on new NBC drama Undercovers.

Therefore, we didn't see this news coming: Zapt2It reports that the actress will reprise her role as Sasha - the older love interest of Dixon's who faked a pregnancy last year and was called out on it by Debbie - on season two of 90210.

Dixon and Sasha

A CW spokesperson confirms the report and says Sasha will return on October 4 with "shocking news to Dixon."

What might that be? Leave a comment below and/or head over to our 90210 forum and let the guessing begin!

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Oh, God. Her character was so annoying! I feel like she'll show with some kid and try to pass it off as his, and it won't be in the end. That's usually how it works. She could have an STD, which would make no sense to be honest. I doubt they would give Dixon something serious as HIV or herpes for the rest of his life. If she does have an STD and gave it to Dixon, we would have known already, so I'm going with the kid storyline. It's the one that makes more sense.


@jenny where do u know she gets HIV???


Nope, she's got HIV. Spoiler alert!


most people might think pregnancy cus it's so obvious, but i'm gonna go with disease.


i think she will be saying she is really pregnant..but people won't believe her cuz she has once lied....


*she could do a walk to remember thing, but saying she has cancer or something*


I would go with the disease. Pregnancy is too obvious.


Hm, I'm gonna go with an akward desease, so Dixon will have to get a STD panel. After the hit and run story turned out to be so awful, they have to try something new as a more real and serious problem along with all the teen drama. (ergo rape, earthquake etc...)


she gonna show up with a kid and say its his :o


*she is dixon's cousin!!*

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Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.