Private Practice Spoilers: Tragedy For a Female Character

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Before the start of the season, we teased the darkness coming to Private Practice, a story line that promised a tragedy unlike any we've seen before - and this show has seen plenty.

Well, we can now confirm, thanks to EW, that the story in question involves a major female character. Which one do you think it is, and what tragedy could await them this season?

Last week's season premiere, "Take Two," set a bunch of developments into motion, story arcs that could take any number of shocking twists. Share your predictions with us below.

Women of Private Practice

Charlotte, Violet, Addison and Naomi. One of them (or Amelia) will experience tragedy.

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i think that it will be amelia because she hasn't had much of astoryline besides the fact that she's derek's sister and was a druggie because her dad was killed right in front of her. We haven't met the new and improved amelia and maybe a tragedy with some flash backs will give us some more insight about her and maybe derek too


I hope they aren't killing off Naomi.


I'm betting it's Addie. They can't possible choose to go with Violet, again and Addie's only had relationship (family and other) storylines and otherwise been the caretaker of the rest, I have a feeling it's her turn to need looking after...


Nope it is most likely Addison. This storyline would get the most press and ratings if it was Addison. There is way more storyline potential if it is Addison. This storyline hits during November sweeps. Therefore, they want BIG ratings. Per Kate Walsh's twitter, she is doing a bunch of talk show appearances in November for PP and her perfume coming out. Shonda tweeted yesterday that she wrote episode 7 which has to be the episode the tragedy takes place. Someone asked Kate, if they had already shot the episode Shonda wrote, Kate said yes. So, they must have shot episode 7 before episode 5 and 6. Explains why the sides for episode 7 were out before episode 5 and 6. So Kate's tweets a couple weeks ago about needing cheering up (because of shooting very emotional scenes) must have been about the dark storyline. She tweeted she was working with Taye, Caterina, and Amy that day. So it is for sure about Addison. Gotta be a rape/attack IMO. Ausiello said it wasn't a disease last week.


well, i think that violet has had her share of dark last season, and naomi's storyline has been quite rough as well. addison had the lesbian mother and the love triangle and is always kind of in the middle of everything.
charlotte on the other hand has had a quite "light" storyline compared to the others last season, so my guess is her. anyway i think its time that charlottes character is given some more depth, and that we find out a bit more about her past - or present..


MOst likely it will be charlotte, because nothing major has happened to her yet


My bets are on Naomi... It probably has to do something with William, maybe Fife. Who knows, its just that shes got the most unstability at the moment. Her life is scattered everywhere!


It is about Addison for sure IMO.


I don't want it to be Addison or Charlotte. I don't mind Violet and Naomi having that tragedy.


hopefully not Violet or Addison, i love them the most :'(

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