One Tree Hill Review: "The Space in Between"

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That was my reaction when I started watching this week's episode of One Tree Hill, "The Space In Between."  As in: you are still doing the out of body ghost thing?  You are really gonna to put me through a third straight hour of this?

Seeing that Clay made it out of his coma by episode's end, I feel that I am free to hammer this mechanism for a second time before it is sent to pasture.  As if last week's debacle wasn't bad enough, OTH decided to up the ante this week, having Clay run into random ghosts in the middle of the hospital.

Hospital Pic

It was without a doubt a terrible act of story telling, but if it was the only way they could introduce Edwin Hodge as Will then I am officially kind of sold on the premise.

This guest star was actually my favorite part of the episode.  Will's advice was great and his singing of the Limbo was song was better.  The only problem was that he died, while Clay lived.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Clay and Quinn are pretty useless.  I don't have an emotional attachment to them, and that's not only because they haven't been around very long.  I'm not taking anything away from Shantel VanSanten, whose character had a touching monologue in an attempt to wake up Clay, but it didn't hit home at all.

Before things get better, I'm afraid they get worse.  Mouth has never been an interesting character.  How he got in front of the camera in the sports broadcasting business is insane.  Now he thinks people are going to want to listen to his ridiculously boring podcast?  There's a reason you have less than 50 hits my friend.  And the awkward moments between him and Millicent?  Even worse.

On to the good news: Victoria is going to prison! It was very sweet that Mrs. Davis took the fall for this whole financial fraud business.  Then again, since it was all her fault, I don't see why we should be at all impressed.  Her not taking the blame for this would be worse than deserting your kid and expecting her to fend for herself when she's 16 years old. Oh, Victoria did that?  Well then okay, we can commend her for this.

And the most enjoyable dynamic of the ep for the second straight week was... Jamie and Julian!  This time with the nice added flavor of Brooke.  Now that Clay and Quinn are going to be out of the hospital, I'm going to miss all of this Jamie/Julian bonding.  Brooke was also great with the kid, and like Jamie said, they're "going to make great parents some day."  I'd love to see something go right for these two, and have Brooke get pregnant (some how, some way).

So after Nathan struggled with whether or not to give Clay his kidney, he found out he wasn't a match.  And then who would have guessed it, Clay suddenly gets better.  Our good friend Will passes on and apparently we are to assume that his kidney went to Clay and that's why he woke up.  That was a bit fast, no?

Now we move forward, and hopefully out of the hospital for a while. But what is in store for Nathan and his career now that we know he has major back problems.  That doctor visit from before was as serious as we thought, but will he still be able to play for the Bobcats?

Other Thoughts:

  • Third straight week of an episode beginning with Haley's "Dear Lucas." I hope this happens all the time.
  • The opening theme song was performed by Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy this week.  I wasn't a fan of this version.
  • No Chase, Alex or Mia?  I knew this was going on the back burner.  Hopefully they're back in the fold next week.
  • As always, we've updated our section of One Tree Hill quotes. Check it out now!


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moviefreak, Great call on needing something to kick up the dust! Which season was Nanny Carrie? Five? She was quite the dust kicker! Can we all agree that Dan was one of if not the best thing about this show?


woooow is all i have to say. tell u the truth didnt see that coming wit the whole will dying and giving his organs... i was thinking maybs a random relative or quinn pr something
totally agree with the whole nathan and kidney situation but i loved the episode !!
and i love OTH always have always will ps. DEFS BRING DAN BACK !!


Ohh yeah bring Dan back tooo!!!


Jamie/Julian/Brooke are THE only reason I still watch this show.. I don't care for Quinn and Clay, I love Naley but seriously they are getting old and boring and Nathan always has the recurring problem of not being able to play basketball. I thought the kidney sl was SO predictable, when they said that Nathan's kidney wouldn't work then I thought ohhh yeah there going to kill Will and give his kidney to Clay.. and sure enough.
I wish they just got rid of Mouth and Millie.. do they even have a fan base?
I hope Brulian has a baby!! They deserve it so much. I think the Brooke/Victoria scenes will be funny next week with her in jail she's a tough broad she can handle prison I also did not like the theme song version... bring back Gavin Degraw or Tyler Hilton.. Seriously bring Chris Keller back!!!!!


What this season really need is someone to kick up some dust..
season one had, well, everybody who was kicking up dust..
season two had anna and felix..
season three had rachel..
season four had psycho derek..
season five had lindsey vs peyton..
season six lacked a dust-kicker..
season seven had alex
and of course season 1 til 7 had Dan!
(who btw I really miss and I hate it that they have written him out.. still hoping for a comeback).. everyone is just getting along (except for mia and alex.. but the problem with that love triangle is that mia comes and goes as she pleases and we even thought I love her, I never really got attatched to her.. and in my opinion chase is a little bit misplaced.. he never had that big a role and still doesn't)
and there has to be more conflict.. so here's to more conflict on season 8!

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