New Grey's Anatomy Wedding Photo: The Bride Wears Red!

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We already know that Owen and Cristina tie the knot on the seventh season premiere of Grey's Anatomy. Now, a new photo of the ceremony has been released. At this rate, the text of their wedding vows will leak tomorrow and the honeymoon pics by Wednesday evening.

In all seriousness, what do you make of this new image of the nuptials in action? Cristina may be taking a very un-Cristina plunge by getting married in the first place, but the red dress works. It's simply perfect for her, don't you think? They both look terrific:

Cristina and Owen's Wedding

SAVE THE DATE: Owenstina is making it official!

It also appears that the ceremony takes place in Meredith’s living room, and that Mer herself serves as the maid (matron?) of honor. Some other familiar faces are in attendance, too.

Their wedding date is Thursday, September 23. Sound off below with all your predictions and observations, and follow this link to check out our full gallery of Season 7 premiere pics!

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so i would like to preface this with that fact that i'm half filipino.....why does she look SOOOO asian in this picture??? did she have to choose the asian red? come on producers!


i so can't wait for this =)


Yes Alex is not at the wedding either.


I bet nobody knows that Derek is in jail and they find out right after the wedding.


Cristina doesn't look so good in her hair but at least she has her eyebrows as opposed to her previous marriage appearance ;)


Boy Mer still has mommie boobs... lol


Butterfly-GA. Yes, Derek is going to jail for speeding. And apperently that's why he didn't make it to the wedding. He's behind bars. I can only imagine how pissed Meredith is going to be! I'll bet that the scene we saw in the promo, when Meredith is looking at him through the bars is in the end of the episode!


We have forgotten Alex,i don't see in the Mer's living-room.

Mrs sheperd dempsey

I haven’t decided what I think about this yet… But it’s still a nice idea if you are a fan of it or not.


According to the new TV Guide, Derek is in jail during the wedding. But who cares right? The most important wedding must go on! (Can you tell my huge sarcasm?)

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