Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Calzona and Crossover Updates

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Now that we know it's not Callie and Arizona tying the knot on Grey's Anatomy - by now you've surely heard about Cristina and Owen - what's in store for Calzona this year?

Let's just say it's shaping up to be a crowded situation.

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What brings Amelia and Derek - and two ABC shows - together this fall?

Arizona decides to move in with Callie, according to EW, and of course, Torres is sharing an apartment with Cristina ... who's become the anti-Cristina and is marrying Owen.

That’s not the only obstacle, either. Creator Shonda Rhimes reveals that “Some stuff happens with their careers that’s going to take them in opposite directions possibly.”

Shifting gears, we've got some dish on the Grey’s Anatomy-Private Practice crossover involving Derek’s sister Amelia as well. What brings the two Shepherds together?

“Amelia goes to visit Derek in the third episode of Grey’s Anatomy," Rhimes reveals, adding that in the finale, "Derek got shot and he hasn’t been returning her phone calls."

"He’s never returned her phone calls. And what I love about this particular episode is that it really illuminates Derek Shepherd. Remember: Derek’s father was shot when they were kids - something that both Amelia and Derek witnessed."

"For both of them, Derek’s shooting brings up all these memories of that. You also get to see the two Shepherd neurosurgeons operating together, which I think is badass.”

We'd have to agree. Are you excited for the Private Practice crossover event, or tired of them at this point? What are your thoughts on Calzona? Share!

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bro/sis dynamics are always fun :)


for cynthia lowery...
I don´t understand anything you have said in your post. I understand written English very well, but yours is a mess.


aww. i kinda miss kate walsh in greys.


20 days to go.


Looking forward to it, I want to meet the other 2 sisters as well.


Addison isn't coming this time. It's a PP crossover because Catalina Scorsone (Amelia) is now a PP regular.


i like the crossovers because i like to see addisons reactions to how derek and merediths relationship has grown so much and i can't wait to see her reaction about the miscarraige :D


I like the crossovers since alot of the characters are so closely tied to each other.., It'll be interesting to see the Amelia/Derek dynamics...Calzona's good together and it's clear that Jessica and Sara work well and have good chemistry. Owen and Christina - getting hitched? Well maybe a little anti-Christina could shake things up at SGH. Gosh only 21 days to go....Wish it were a 2 hour premiere....Hmmm think Shonda should extend the seasons to 27 episodes per year....


i hate crossovers becuase addison comes along amila. derek think tell his sister hes in jail. she help him bust him out of jail before his wife,meredith grey-shepherd finds out.he and meredith have a seriuos talk with alex because alex told meredith grey. ameila gets into trouble for not telling meredith grey. instead christina tells her instead, meredith whacht him getting arrested for meredith goes "cought ya" derek finall tells meredith grey he was in jail and arresed the nacy comes along and trys to get him out of jail and arresed. then meredith findout he is going to stay in jail for 5 yearsthen meredith freak out and crys in her bedroom for 29 hours intil hes out of jail then when he getts out of jail she is going to kiss him.


I'm also super excited for the crossover! Can't wait for this season to begin!! :)

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