Coming to Private Practice: The Darkest Story Yet

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Private Practice has dealt with some messed up stuff. Teen pregnancy, affairs, terminal illness? Standard. Killing off Dell's wife and then Dell himself? That was really sad.

The whole plot line of Violet having her baby stolen out of her womb by a crazy woman with a scalpel? One of the most disturbing things we've seen on any television show.

Still, it's about to get even worse! Entertainment Weekly reports that the upcoming season will feature its most tragic, dark story yet during November sweeps. Gulp.

Any theories on what that could entail?

Addison in Action
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I think Maya's commiting suicide. I don't know why, I can't explain this feeling i'm having, i just have...I think she's gonna suffer pretty bad after Dell's demise cause he was in so many ways the perfect big brother for her and maybe Dink cheats and she feels all by herself...Maybe having a child at such a young age is too much to take. I so hope I'm wrong though, which is pretty likely:)


KMB : actually, thats could happen! because then violet could tell them about how she was raped, because, as far as I know, only Dell knew about that!!! then they could all become like REALLY GOOD friends again :D


My opinion it is Addison. Ausiello did use Addison's pic. So either it is her or he is using her because she is the Lead. She is always having to save the others (Violet, Lucas, Maya, Maya's baby). So it is about time they take care of her.


Sides are out and there is a forensic nurse and a gunman/mugger on the run. My money is on Addison being attacked/raped which will be a heartbreaker of a storyline cos she is my fav character :(
Kate Walsh will rock it tho.


One possibility: Charlotte being raped by her ex-husband who comes to get her back. That my friends is truly disturbing


Addison is diagnosed with a terminal disease?


I agree that coming up with a storyline that is darker than a baby being cut out of its mothers body is rather disturbing. While a rape is dark, it's not as dark at the storyline they already had. I can deal with dark but not disgusting...don't want something like Cooper and Charlotte realizing they are brother and sister or anything! lol


Perhaps a Grey's Anatomy-esque fatal shoot-out. Katie escapes the mental hospital! Oh, would that be terrible. Or maybe one of the main characters has cancer - that hasn't happened yet.


Hahahaha, KMB.
That made me laugh:
"I'd think it would maybe involve a rape perhaps resulting in a pregnancy. It's scary just typing that!"
But I agree. Happy times.
Although, that's what Pete and Violet and Cooper and Charlotte are for. Their weddings. :D


Hard to imagine them going darker than a baby taken from a woman's womb. That was deeply disturbing. I'd think it would maybe involve a rape perhaps resulting in a pregnancy. It's scary just typing that! Why can't we have HAPPY sweeps?!

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