Chuck Round Table: "Chuck Versus the Suitcase"

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This week's episode of Chuck combined all the elements that we love most about the show, as detailed in our weekly review of the series.

Now, a couple staff members and a fan of Chuck have gathered for a Round Table discussion of the installment. We encourage reader feedback on the following topics...

What was  your favorite Chuck quote from the night?
Quiet Pool: Jeff's "Rumor has it you're pregnant. Is there room in that womb for two?"  Can't top that.

Dr. Toboggan: Devin's "I was in the Buy More, everyone there was super attractive and highly skilled, it was like I worked there....why would I work there?" - I couldn't agree more the Buy More functions best with all the mutants.

The Barnacle: Because the esteemed Doctor stole my favorite line from the always awesome Devin, I'll give to to when he asked for a Spider-Man kiss.

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Favorite guest star of the night: The Hulk (Lou Ferigno), The Old Spice Guy (Isaiah Mustafa) or the hot Victoria Secret model (Karolina Kurkova)?
Quiet Pool: Whoa, where's the Bronson Pinchot love?  Well, if his one second of screen time doesn't count, I'd have to go with Karolina Kurkova.  Remember the shower scene?

Dr. Toboggan: Karloina Kurkova. That was probably one of the best fights I've seen Sarah get in, not to mention the shower scene and Chuck's hilarious reactions to her.

The Barnacle: Much like Alyssa Milano, I have fallen in love with the Old Spice Guy after his epic viral campaign.  He was amazing as a Greta and I know he could have shot that label even further than thirty feet if he chose.

After Sarah's inspiring catfight against Sofia on the catwalk, what's your favorite girl-on-girl fight in Chuck history?
Quiet Pool: Sarah and Nicole Richie in the high school locker room shower.  Sarah Walker and the girls locker room: A winning combination.

Dr. Toboggan: The catwalk fight. There are so many great Sarah fights but I can't remember many better; plus this is the first fight that made me want to buy tickets to fashion week because I now have to assume things like this happen all the time at fashion shows.

The Barnacle: Not even a question.  It was Sarah fighting El Ciudad on the rooftop during season one.  There's something hot about brass knuckles coming out in a catfight.

With the original Buy More crew finally returning last night, pick a comeback song you want to hear Jeffster! butcher.
Quiet Pool: When has Jeffster! every butchered a song?  How about some Britney to compete with Glee?

Dr. Toboggan: How about Forever Young or something where Lester can really show off his ability to hit the high notes.

The Barnacle: Okay okay, so butcher was a harsh word.  I'm ready for another 80's treat by this duo and for some reason I just picture them singing The Final Coutdown.

We should all help Ellie out: pick out a name for their awesome baby.
Quiet Pool: Even though we'll all call him Baby Awesome, I'd name him/her Morgan.  It works for a boy or a girl.

Dr. Toboggan: Morgan. The poor guy is never going to get his dream girl like Chuck did so at least this would make him feel part of the family and create an infinite number of creepy jokes from the Buy More guys.

The Barnacle: Call me sentimental, but I'd name it Stephen it was a boy.  Girl, I'll steal the most beautiful name ever, Sarah Walker.  Sarah Walker Woodcomb.  It's got a nice ring to it.

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