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The Vampire Diaries to Explore "Inner Rage" of Tyler on Season Two

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While the return of Katherine will be the main focus of season two of The Vampire Diaries, viewers will also be treated to a lot more of Michael Trevino in the role of Tyler.

It will be an angry Tyler, Trevino explained in a recent interview, pointing to the arrive of Uncle Mason (Taylor Kinney) as the basis for this character discovering a lot about himself.

"Tyler's going to start to see certain things and notice certain things within Uncle Mason," Trevino said, adding that Mason will be "a guide to the inner rage of Tyler, and why is he this way, and why's he always fighting with himself emotionally."

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Trevino also season a second season romance for his character, telling Zap2It:

"There will be a love interest this season. I know who it is. I can't tell you - it might be somebody who's already in Mystic Falls, one of the ladies, or it might be somebody new."

Who might it be? Head over to our Vampire Diaries forum and take your best guess!

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I'm really hoping it's Bonnie and Tyler this season, it just makes sense with them both so new to the supernatural element of their lives, in terms of discovering what they're capable of and learning to understand and deal with the emotions that come with it. It's an opportunity to show another side to Tyler, a vulnerability and put Bonnie in a conflicted position, her feelings for him and her feelings toward the supernatural. Although she's mostly shown hate for vampires, I think with the trouble brewing between werewolves and vamps, if she grew attached to Tyler in that time she would be conflicted when it came to taking sides, especially if she was still considering her fiendship with Elena. I love the possiblity of Bamon but I think don't think it's going to happen, at least not for a very long time depending on how many seasons they manage.


OMG! Can't wait for BonnieXTyler! I will be so HOT! And Tyler is not a bad person,like Damon :P


Oh! I could totally see Tyler and Bonnie. That would be hot, but I wouldn't mind a little Damon and Bonnie action, or even a little Stefan and Bonnie. I think I ship basically everyone on this show! Except Damon and Caroline. That was just awful, but I'm glad she's got a better guy in Matt. And I can't wait for more Tyler. He's gorgeous! And Tyler's a total bitch because he clearly has daddy issues and add some werewolf with that, it's obviously not going to end pretty.


It is definitely not Vanessa. Because Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec just confirmed it. On Ausiello Files


It would be so funny if Elena just screwed everyone over and got it on with Tyler! lol!


I hope it's Bonnie. That way, she'll stay away from Damon! :P Or perhaps it's Katherine! Dadadadam!


What do you mean "i hope it's bonnie"? Tyler is a total bitch, Bonnie deserves someone better. I think it's Caroline or Vanessa.


a lot of ppl have been wanting bonnie and the way he's teasing it sounds like maybe theyll get what they want. if u go with the books, however, caroline is a more likely suspect. if so, we know what that means for poor matt ... :(


I think it's either Bonnie, Caroline, or that new girl, Vanessa.


I read... somewhere... that there is a new casting for a character in the show that shows a slight interest in Bonnie and then later fights Tyler, which led me to believe that Tyler has something for Bonnie and that is why he fought this non-existent character. I think it could be interesting to go into, they are both strong, angry people, and I for one would love to see it play out!