So You Think You Can Dance Review: Your Call, America!

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Could either Lauren Froderman or Robert Roldan stop So You Think You Can Dance from being a coronation for Kent Boyd? They certainly tried - now it's in America's hands.

America has a tough decision on its hands, too. Kent probably still is the best, but watching the other two rise to his level was marvelous, and this is a popularity contest.

Lauren and Rob had their work but out, but both had strong nights. Let's get right down to the final performances of the season, with a winner crowned to be this evening ...

Kent with Lauren Gottleib (Bollywood): Well, at least Kent's ridiculous faces matched the enthusiasm of the routine in general. Everyone loved it, and for good reason.

Lauren with Twitch Boss (Hip Hop): Nigel called it transfixing. We wouldn't go that far, but Lauren is awesome. She can be so sexy and feminine, yet pull anything off.

Lauren, Robert and Kent

Who will it be, Robert, Lauren or Kent?

Robert with Mark Kanemura (Jazz): What a funny, yet precision-based routine that let him show his stuff. If he doesn't win, he's definitely the most improved this year.

In this sense, it may be worth giving the All-Stars props in general. The contestants seem to have evolved more from beginning to end, and the veterans are a factor.

Robert and Lauren (Contemporary): They made great partners and danced it beautifully. Robert may have shined slightly more, even. Just a terrific tandem effort.

Lauren and Kent (Jazz): The judges weren't huge fans of the bit and neither were we. Lauren and Kent did a nice job but it fell short of the night's earlier dancing.

We doubt that will end up hurting Kent, as people's minds are pretty much made up. It's just a question of whether he can solidify himself as the best of the best.

Kent with Allison Holker (Contemporary): The marionette-like sequence seemed tailor built for Kent, and he killed, reminding us why he's the favorite in the first place.

Robert with Kathryn McCormick (Broadway): A bit of a darker tone than we're used to from Robert, but he brought it - perhaps more than the judges acknowledged.

Lauren with Pasha Kovalev (Cha Cha): Lauren showed why she made the finals with this one. Man, that girl can move. It's going to be a fight to the finish for voters!

Kent and Robert (Malevos): A very strange tango-like routine to close out the night, but nothing could diminish the performances overall on this Wednesday evening.

The judges showered each of the three with well-deserved praise, saying each would make worthy candidates. After such an exhilarating two hours, we'd have to agree.

Who do you think should win So You Think You Can Dance?

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