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It was “Parents Weekend” on Huge this week, as characters faced their biggest challenge: family visits. Family ties have been a frequent source of tension on the show, with Alistair and Chloe’s dysfunctional relationship and the air of mystery surrounding Amber’s family.

Even as Dr. Rand comments on the secretive nature of twins Alistair and Chloe, Chef Joe warns her, ““Better get yourself some curtains for that glass house.” Yet, with all this setup, the episode was rather unsurprising. Very few of the family relationships were shocking, and most of the plot developments were expected.

For one, Will’s excitement about seeing her parents just so she could unleash the scathing verbal assault she prepared was pretty much what we would anticipate from her character. Also, their no-show was equally predictable since they have had very little contact with her.

Their absence continues to justify Will’s self-righteous wrath as she responds to the news with, “I’m like a rage-filled donut right now!” However, her continued self-centered attitude seems to be (finally!) costing her Becca’s friendship. This was not a very surprising development either based upon her continued disregard of Becca, but we did find out that the source of Will’s animosity towards weight-loss, and her parents, might be because they own a fitness company called Core.

Welcome, Parents

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Chloe and Alistair’s family seem supportive enough - but, in true parental fashion, they seem oblivious to their kids’ actual natures. Their father is overly critical of Alistair’s weight, hair, and effeminate nature. The mother assumes that Alistair is dating Becca, a misunderstanding he validates by pretending to be involved with her.

Chloe’s interest in repairing her relationship with Alistair seems too little, too late, so she focuses on being the good child in her family and on meeting Trent’s parents. Her goals are only partially successful when Trent doesn’t introduce her to his parents until he is forced to at dinner, but only as “Alistair’s sister.” The dinner was an awkward affair, but it was sweet to see Becca with a real friend like Alistair, even if they were faking a romantic relationship.

Ian’s parents are already notorious in the group therapy circle for their constant arguments, so it’s unsettling for Ian when they actually get along for parent’s weekend. He thinks they’ve been engaged in couple’s therapy, which they have, but only to find out that they need to divorce.

Although the revelation should come as no surprise to him (or to the viewers), he is shocked and disturbed by the news. He stumbles upon a hidden box of cookies in the laundry room and, although tempted, turns them in Dr. Rand.

Dr. Rand has issues. Her problems with food, men, and family have kept her a complex character. Over the past few weeks, it seemed like things might be turning around for her when she started dating Wayne. But then she ended up in the back of a married man’s vehicle, partially clothed. Ignoring both Wayne’s calls and John’s texts, Rand is again unsure of herself.

It isn’t until she publicly announces her relationship to Chef Joe that things seem to get on track again. She accepts Wayne back into her life and asks him to rid her of the tempting cookies. Hopefully, she won’t have any more adulterous backslides in the future.

Those mystery cookies that tempted both Ian and Rand were placed in the laundry room by a desperate Amber. Her mother, Teal, arrives at parent’s weekend and is a tornado of brash, emotionally manipulative, and rude behavior. She seems more like a child than a parent, especially when she brings her daughter cookies despite knowing that Amber paid for this weight-loss camp herself.

When she manipulates Poppy into letting her stay the night at camp, Amber is distressed and embarrassed. Teal needs to feel wanted and basically emotionally abuses Amber into claiming that she really wants her to stay the night. The stress of not finding the cookies in the laundry room and her mother’s continued presence pushes Amber to turn to Will and her secret stash. The show ended with the two girls walking into the woods towards Will’s hiding place and the words “To Be Continued.”

It wasn’t much of a cliffhanger as there wasn’t anything very ominous about the woods, but it would be disheartening to see Amber break her weight loss resolve because of an unfit parent. Next week’s episode, the summer finale, should tie up these loose parental ends, and, with any luck, there might be a happy ending for some of the campers.

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Parents Weekend Review

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