The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 15

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As always, we'd like to thank all readers that submitted an entry for this week's Vampire Diaries Caption Contest.

It was a close call, but "Rosie Chase" clearly knows us well. Any reference to the hotness of Blake Lively from Gossip Girl is guaranteed to get our attention.

We've posted this winning caption below and encourage everyone to play again next week!

Stefan Caption Pic

Stefan (disappointed): You're not Blake Lively...

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Stefan: Ok Amber, look, now do i or do i not have spinach in my teeth


Stefan: Why did you glue my hands to your face?!


Amber: bite me, I dare ya


Amber: Oh kiss me Stephan, were ment to be together dont choose Elena
Stephan: Im in love with Elena not you so back off, your a stupid blond
Amber:Oh you didnt just call me a stupid blond
Stephan: You better beleive it *goes to bit her neck*
Amber: Ok are you listening to me you just called me a stupid blond didnt you
Stephan: Shut Up
Amber: Make me know it all
Stephan: Shut Up im hungry
Amber:Oh good can you get me a cheese burgur
Stephan:*looking confused*
Amber: Ok i might be a girl but i do have to eat, ill pay you back


Amber-Just run away w/ me stefan
Stefan-I cant,I'm in love with your best friend
Amber-Whats love got to do with it?
Stefan-(grunts)why cant you just back off!


Amber: That's it. Maybe a little more frustration in the face.
Stefan: Damn it. I need to get my 'Edward' perfect so I can stalk Elena the right way!


Stefan; You're pretttier than the Elena in the book. I wonder if your neck taste better. *touches her neck*
Amber: Well ...Hey!


Stefan: Give me your phone, I must call Damon!
Amber: Sorry, I don’t have any leeches on my speed dial.
Stefan: Oh, you're done!


Stefan: WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?! I'm no Edward Cullen I can't read your mind.
Amber: Jesus!
Stefan: I'm not him either!


Amber: Stefan, your eyes are like mood rings. Does red mean you're mad?

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