The Real Housewives of New Jersey Review: "Country Clubbed"

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Think you've seen The Real Housewives of New Jersey at their most out-of-control? Think again after last night's melee. "Country Clubbed" upped the ante once again.

Our celebrity gossip site's review, which you can read by following the link above, offers the blow-by-blow in a way that truly does it justice. But here are the basics:

  • Teresa Guidice (left) and Danielle Staub (right) argue at the country club. As usual, except this time it escalates into a full-blown brawl. Seriously ... it's crazy.
  • Jacqueline tries to help calm things down but this does not work. Her daughter Ashley roughly pulls Danielle’s hair and this makes Danielle even more upset.
  • The cops arrive and take statements. Irate and losing her mind, Danielle is insistent that arrests be made, especially of Ashley, but this does not happen.
  • Later, the women rehash the event with other people, each making their own case heard. Ashley’s parents warn her to stay away from Danielle forever.
Guidice-d Up
Staub, D.

These two really don't like each other!

Reality shows are so contrived these days, it's rare to see such genuine disdain, such malice. Teresa and Danielle really cannot deal, and the train wreck is unreal to watch.

Honestly, how much more screwed up can this show and these women get - and how much more popular will the program become as a result? The sky's the limit, really!

To top this episode’s country club mayhem, what will they do? Actually put hits out on each other? Blow up each other's cars? Kidnap kids? We're really starting to wonder.

From a fan standpoint, while no one likes Danielle and watching her get hunted down feels justified, Teresa really did start everything, at least here at the country club.

Had she not insisted on approaching Danielle and “saying hi” nothing would have happened that evening ... think the producers asked/paid Teresa to approach Danielle?

We may never know, but this may never be topped. Your move, ladies. The gauntlet has been thrown down. If you've got a season finale in store that beats this, bring it.

Country Clubbed Review

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