Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "There's No Place Like Homecoming"

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Is Toby a killer? Who has the best fashion taste on Pretty Little Liars? Are you on Team Eria?

We tackle all these questions and more in this edition of the Pretty Little Liars Round Table. Read our review of "There's No Place Like Homecoming" and then chime in on the topics below...

Who wore the best dress for Homecoming?
M.L. House: Aria. She makes black look like the new... black. It's definitely her color.

Mrs. Northman: Def. Spencer! I was surprised by that one too. What in the world was Aria wearing? Hanna even took out a killer dress for her and she wore something out of MJ's closet?

The Barnacle: Hanna. I liked the plunging neckline and the hair really complemented the outfit.

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Did Toby kill Alison?
M.L. House: Definitely not. It's far too obvious. But can we talk instead about the fact he was doing his step-sister?!? That's like Greg and Marcia hooking up on The Brady Bunch. Ick!

Mrs. Northman: No way! I haven't read any of the books, but this is too predictable. I still have no idea why he would have the "901 Free at Last" tattoo. Odd boy, but still very cute!

The Barnacle: No, but not because I think he's some innocent character. Instead, it's because - cue scary music! - I don't think Alison is really dead!

Should Hanna have sex with Lucas?
M.L. House: Yes. It will likely be over so quickly with that inexperienced guy that she can still claim she's a virgin.

Mrs. Northman: YES!!! I like Lucas! He's such a dork, but there's something charming about him.

The Barnacle: No. The bible doesn't make exceptions for cute, funny geeks. Hanna should wait until marriage if she's really serious about protecting her flower.

Are you rooting for Aria and Ezra?
M.L. House: Not if they remain this boring when together. Ezra seems like a legitimately nice, good guy. He respects Aria and seems torn over his feelings for her. Where's the fun in that?!?

Mrs. Northman: Not at all. Hello! Aria is 16. There is no reason why Ezra should be messing around with a child.

The Barnacle: Am I rooting for them to have a major falling out and for us to see more of the darker side to Ezra that was depicted in class a couple weeks ago? Yes, absolutely.

Is this the last we've seen of Alex?
M.L. House: No way. You don't sign the Diego Boneta for just a couple episodes! He'll be back!

Mrs. Northman: I doubt it. Spencer should just explain her situation with her sister to him. It seems like money/class could be a deal breaker between them, though.

The Barnacle: I don't care. I just want us to never see Melissa again. Her attitude toward Spencer is too extreme and too hard to believe. I'm all for family strife, but give us some background and some character depth, please.

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1. aria!!!! completely stunning!
2. dont think so..
3.yeah, because i really dont like the hanna/sean relationship, its too "homecming king and queen" ish. it would be good for her to slightly slum it with lucas and having to rethink her it girl status
4.kinda...i like them together basically because i like ezra and because of this storyline im seeing plenty of him but theyre relationship seems weird because its so serious!
5.nah hopefully hell come back ive grown rather fond of him although im still rooting for wren- however id like to see spencer caught between those guys


Emily's dress was soo Jcpenny or Kohl's... not one of the bests. the only thing i liked was Hanna's hair ;D


i think aria and mr fitz should try to like go to a movie or something instead of just stayin home and the show should show them like tryin to not get caught i mean it could be dangerous for the characters but it would make the show really good and no toby did not kill ali, ali killed courtney who was pretending to be ali and the 9.01 on tobys chest was the day alison went missing and he was 'free and last' because he hated her or something


Toby Is like 17 jail realy? thath it´s not it but i cant say it well be a SPOILLER and No he not kill ali, ALI KILL ALI...


I think it means 901 being the cell number he was in when he was in jail, and I think free at last means that he is out of jail. I don't think it means the day Ally was killed because it doesn't have dashes like for a date.


I think Spencer and Emily had the best dresses.
Toby didn't kill Alison.That would be to obvious.
Hanna and Lucas definitely should get together!
I don't really like Aria and Ezra. I think Aria should get with Sean.He's at least her age.
I don't think this is the last of Alex.


Ok The Barnacle, are you like from 6 years? ho calls it her flower thats soo monica from FRIENDS when she was fat.
Toby It´s not a killer just a pervert. Hanna and Lucas mmm sex no just friends and then if it happens it´s ok if it doestn it´s ok 2,,,


What happened to Emily?? Btw i think that the best dress was wore by Hanna, i liked so much that dress and her hair


Hello?! Doesn't anyone care about where Wren dissapeared to?


I think Spencer wore the best outfit then Hanna. i really was roting for Emily and Toby they make a good couple. Not too sure about Aria and Ezra she really needs to be with someone her own age. Hanna should so get with Lucas he is such a geek kinda reminds me of a Summer and Seth relationship for the OC if anyone remembers lol cant wait to see the next episode

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