Lost DVD to Shed Light on "The New Man in Charge"

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With a sideways world conclusion that left many fans unsatisfied and open-ended issues, the Lost finale will go down as one of the most debated, analyzed events in TV history.

The answers to so many island mysteries may only exist in our imaginations, but a 12-minute extra on the Season 6 DVD will shed at least some light on post-finale Island life.

Starring Michael Emerson and Jorge Garcia, ''The New Man in Charge'' will show us what Hurley and Ben do with Jack and fake Locke dead and the rest of the survivors gone.

''Ben is going around to Dharma installations and closing some down,'' Emerson tells EW. ''There are some good surprises.'' And believe it or not, ''it does answer questions.''

What do you think those answers might be?

Ben as the #2

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