Entourage Review: "Tequila Sunrise"

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For the first time for the last two seasons, we can finally say we really enjoyed an episode of Entourage!  This week's episode, "Tequila Sunrise," was actually, dare we say it, good!

Turtle and Alex

The primary plot focused on Drama trying to win over John Stamos, who's playing a very entertaining version of himself.  The victory came over a game of ping pong, which we're going to have to assume is trendy in LA. 

First they made bowling cool with Lucky Strikes.  Now Spin is making ping pong cool?  Finally a city where I could be an athlete.  Time to pack my bags.

Drama and Vince's plot were entertaining throughout, and brought a far less annoying Lavin along for the ride.  The dueling Napoleons seemed to have made up, therefore making Caan's character far less irritating and a welcome addition to newly formed Entourage.

E, like the past six seasons, continues to be boring.. but at least now they can recognize it on screen thanks to Lavin.  Go enjoy your flowers, but can we at least get a scene with Sloan in it outside of a cell phone or a boring dinner.  Geesh, just when I thought this relationship couldn't get worse.

Ari's silly football storyline is slowly pacing along, with a little Lizzie drama thrown in for good measure.  Really though, how concerned should Ari be over losing a few television stars he never cared about in the first place.  Just stick to random Shawn Merriman cameos and yelling at your new Lloyd.

Though it was definitely nice to see the brief return of Gary Cole.  We definitely thought they were just going to mention Klein went to rehab as a way to just write him off, but it's nice to see the actor might pop around again.  Sure Klein never worked, but I hate when shows get rid of people behind the scenes.

Overall, it was a entertaining episode save for maybe some of the Turtle scenes.  We're sorry, but Dana Ramirez (Alex) is just not a good actress and her scenes are painful at best.  The only moves she can pull off are cute looks.

At least we're proud of Turtle for still trying to make it on his own without Vince and initially rejecting the tequila offer.  But Turtle, like Johnny, just accept you need to play the V card so you can stop having your own boring stories.

Our usual Entourage quotes will have to come in a later post as well as music.  Stay tuned!

Tequila Sunrise Review

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