90210 Season Premiere Scoop: A Natural Disaster to Come!

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The third season of 90210 will feature a death, a legal battle and an openly gay main male character.

But how will it actually kick off its move to Monday nights on September 13? With an earthquake in Beverly Hills.

"We wanted to open the season with an event that has both physical and emotional ramifications for several people," executive producer Jennie Snyder Urman told TV Guide, adding that the tremors will result in a life-altering change for one individual:

"One of them has a very serious injury that takes time to resolve and sort of changes the direction of his or her life."

What do you think, fans? Another 90210 ratings stunt? Or an intriguing storyline to which you look forward?

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90210 is the number 1 rated show on dvr which doubles its ratings making it more popular then gossip girl so stop saying everything is a ratings stunt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i found these spoilers on line so excited *Teddy is probably the one who is gay (there are many signs)even if i think its liam :)
*Javier will die in the car accident
*Liam has a half-brother called Charlie
*Naomi is taking pills to help her sleep
*Adrianna gets blackmailed
*The earthquake will end the Tennis for Teddy
*Annie falls in love with Charlie and has to choose between him and Liam
*A new character called Ian (who is gay)
*We will see Liam dancing in a costume
*Mr Cannon might go after another student and it might be Silver
since they are working on a project together
*Oscar is bedding Ivy and Laurel after moving in with them. He does Laurel for revenge since she screwed up his dad’s marriage and was Ivy’s first.


ok now this is getting annoying every single new story line that comes out about 90210 this website always says its a ratings stunt its a story line for god sake give the show a break every tv show is looking for good ratings not just 90210


After the way last season tailed off the rails towards the end, i will tune in, but with little to no expectations. I'm no longer hyping the storylines. I'm sick of getting worked up for a series that has lost virtually all of it's redeeming qualities. I'll give it a chance and i'm sure other viewers will too, say 2.5 million for the premiere, but down to 1.5 by midseason because of the writers' fake press about storylines.

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.